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Mrs. Hornet, I Presume?

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | July 9, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | July 9, 2009 |

Say what you will about Cameron Diaz, but when it comes to leading ladies in action films I’d take her over Brainwash Holmes and Wooden McStick Up Her Ass Paltrow any day. (Film School Rejects)

Here’s a lost of the top five astronaut movies of all time. (Screen Rant)

This site has a live twitter feed of people swearing tweets, and you can also look yourself up to see where you rank of the Swear-O-Meter. Thanks, Meech! (cursebird)

Brooke Hogan is trying to start a feud with Heidi Montag, probably because she must think that’s what it takes to win friends. (Webster’s)

This is the greatest two-second performance in the entire history of film, so you better pay attention. (Film Drunk)

Here’s an interview with Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter on their new series “Michael & Michael Have Issues.” (Screen Junkies)

Compliments of Whorish Mouth, here’s a handy dandy guide for pooping at work. I’ll keep these in mind if I ever end up working in an office again. (Chronicles of a Whorish Mouth)

This might be my new favorite site next to failblog and ihasahotdog. (What? What I read on my own personal time is my own business.) Anyway, here’s a site where readers can send in photos of their own handyman handiwork. (There I Fixed It)

If you bought Season One through Four of “The Office” singularly, guess what you’re a big sucker, because you’re totally missing out on this sweet box set. (TV Shows on DVD)

Because life is too short, here’s a list of novels people will try to get you to read, but you should probably avoid them at all costs. Done and done. (Second Pass)

The graphic artists in charge of the poster for I Love You, Beth Cooper apparently didn’t think Hayden Panettiere’s boobs were big enough. (Jezebel)

Oh now, this is just fucking gross. I love my dog and all, but some lady is actually marrying hers. Vomit. (Zelda Lily)

What do you think Corey Feldman doodled while attending Michael Jackson’s memorial service while dressed as Michael Jackson? (Holy Taco)

Remember how James Franco was supposed to give that ULCA commencement speech? Yeah, well, here’s why he didn’t:

James Franco’s Rejected UCLA Commencement Speech from James Franco

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