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I've Made a Huge Mistake

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | July 8, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | July 8, 2009 |

Lindsay Lohan was supposedly offered Heather Graham’s role in The Hangover but turned it down because she didn’t like she script and thought it had “no potential.” Oh Ziggy, will you ever win? (Webster’s)

Did anyone else know that Salvador Dali and Walt Disney collaborated in 1946? Well, they really did. (Film Drunk)

If anyone else has had with the Mourn-O-Rama this week, here’s a little trip into Neverland Ranch, so we can remember the guy for who he really was. (Yeeeah!)

And while no one ever talks about this, it was really kind of a dick move for Michael Jackson to snatch up the copyrights to all those Beatles songs. (Burning Violin)

Here are six films made by women working in what are typically male genres. You know, like how Kathryn Bigelow did The Hurt Locker and Point Break. (PW)

I don’t remember if anyone remembers the super viral video for “I’m Not Here to Make Friends” last year, but since people are still on reality shows and they still don’t want to make friends, here’s the 2009 edition. (FourFour)

Here’s a list of supposedly five perfect movies. What do you guys think? I notice one of Dustin’s favorites is on here. (CHUD)

Not to give this fat sack of shit an extra iota of spotlight than he deserves, but Perez Hilton says he almost called the “n-word” but decided the “f-word” was worse. OK, can we all collectively, as a nation, ignore him from now on? (Agent Bedhead)

There’s early buzz that the Facebook movie might not be a total piece of crap. Huh. Ain’t that some shit right there? (Screen Rant)

Here are the top ten movie grandmothers. Holy crap, I had no idea that Napoleon Dynamite’s grandmother was Mac’s mom from “It’s Always Sunny.” (Spout)

What would happen if Andy Rooney did a review of Bruno? (Screen Junkies)

I was just in NYC last week and was reminded how difficult the are sidewalks are to navigate — so here are some unofficial rules everyone should follow. (YBNBY)

Rachel Weisz thinks botox should be banned for actors like steroids are for athletes. Does anyone else think this is a fantastic idea? (Celebitchy)

Thanks to Julie, here are the 15 creepiest advertisements of all time. The baby in a tragic bath accident is my favorite. (Retro Comedy)

Here is a creepy/funny clip of babies roller skating for Evian water. My father actually sent me this, and I’m proud of him because it’s the first video he’s ever sent me that wasn’t in .wmv format. Go, Dad!

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