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June 30, 2008 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | June 30, 2008 |

Pajiba Love

Thanks to causaubon: Darwin’s theory of natural selection is now 150 years old! (guardianUK) Yet somehow, over here in the States, we seem to be moving backwards. (QuizLaw)

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith prove how not Scientology they are by funding a Scientology school. Yeah, I didn’t get the logic either. (WIMB)

Thanks to a tip from Brian: Kevin Smith remembers his friend and mentor, George Carlin. I totally forgot he was in Dogma until now, too. (Newsweek)

What’s a more perfect way to take our mind’s off of Miley Cyrus’ recent photo scandal than a little Hannah Montana brand penis gummies? (The Blemish)

To hell with Sweet Valley High and R.L. Stine: When I was in junior high, I was totally Paul Zindel’s bitch. (Jezebel)

Oooow, did the poor widdle baseball player hurt hisself picking up the big, mean pillow? Thanks to Jaci! (FanIQ)

Spitting gum on the crowd, beating up fans and calling a fellow recording artist a cunt is all in a day’s work for Amy Winehouse. (Yeeeah!)

Stuff White People Like, which has been up and running for about six months now, is releasing their first book which hits stores tomorrow. You know what white people would really like? A Pajiba book, dammit! (SWPL)

Innovation is using a facebook account to harass a former roommate. (PA Notes)

To end today’s Love with some happy news, guess which Pajiba eloquent is remissin’ with a mission? (Whoa, Camel!)

The wonderful, amazing, talented — and let’s face it — hunkalicious Rainn Wilson does Xena, MacGyver and Jean-Luc Picard, after the jump.

Pajiba Love | June 30, 2008 |

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