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June 27, 2008 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | June 27, 2008 |

Pajiba Love

This article explores the interesting Meyers/Carvey career trajectory path. Or as I like to call it, “Now it’s Milhouse’s time to shine!” (HuffPo)

Bruce Campbell and NPH: Old Spice Face Off GO!!! (WIMB)

Atom Films has relaunched as simply “Atom,” partnering with Comedy Central to bring original programming. Check out the new “Border Patrol” starring one of my favorite underrated comedic actors, the wonderful Tom Lenk of “Buffy.” (Atom)

I can only hope this means we’ll be getting some brand new episodes of “To Catch a Predator” to recoup NBC’s financial losses here. (QuizLaw)

Seriously, Verne Troyer — some guys would just be happy to let the world know they’re even having sex, you ingrate. And before you guys get on my ass about making fun of midgets, I totally have a crush on Peter Dinklage, so suck it. (IDLYITW)

From Celery, here is a sweet blog written by two Congolese park rangers trying to save mountain gorillas. NSFW, unless you’re OK with crying at work. (GorillaProtection)

The Dark Knight hasn’t even premiered yet and Heath Ledger’s performance is already generating more buzz than a bee factory. (Celebitchy)

Attention everybody! We have a Natalie from “Facts of Life” spotting! (cityrag)

Now you can have a tiny Walter to keep your 8” Dude company. (YBNBY)

Hilarium! Creepy horror movie posters done G-Rated. (Agent Bedhead)

The only person in the history of the world David Letterman finds more fascinating than Spencer Pratt is no one. (WIMB)

OK, this site is not by any stretch of the imagination safe for work. (Just in case: NSFW.) Part of me is appalled, and the other part of me wants to send in a contribution. (Boobs4Barack)

Dustin posted this clip over on WIMB earlier this week, but I’m cross-posting here since you guys are asking for it! The trailer for “Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog,” after the jump. (Fillion!)

Pajiba Love | June 27, 2008 |

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