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Because After All These Years, I Still Want My Own Adorable Grunting Pet Rhinoceros

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | June 21, 2010 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | June 21, 2010 |

FUCK and YES. At the E3 conference, Nintendo has unveiled the return of “Donkey Kong Country,” which is probably only my favorite video game franchise of all time. I can already feel myself popping out of barrels and riding in mine carts! (The Flickcast)

Sometimes Pajiba writer slash famous television writer Angelina Burnett (a.k.a. “Beckyloo Who”) has been working on a new show called “Memphis Beat” which premieres tomorrow on TNT, and here she is discussing the important role music plays on the series. Seriously though: Watch and watch! (If A TV Falls in the Woods)

NO WAY. Whitesnake has come out with their own wine: Whitesnake Zinfandel. I’m known to occasionally drunkenly belt out “Here I Go Again” at karaoke — would that not be SO PERFECT to get drunk on Whitesnake wine and then belt out “Here I Go Again” at karaoke? I think so. (Agent Bedhead)

Hey, can you guys do me a solid and vote for my buddy over at I’m Bringing Blogging Back to be MTV’s first official “TJ?” Hey wait, that gig pays six digits? Hmm … Maybe I should enter. (IBBB)

Ha ha ha ha! Katherine Heigl’s publicist has quit. Now let’s all piss and moan about how making fun of Heigl is like beating a dead horse. Whatever, I don’t make up the news, I just report it. (Celebitchy)

I don’t remember Nightmare on Elm Street 2, because — other than the first one — any of the sequels I caught in the ’80s have blended into a mishmash in my head. But apparently it was rather, uh, gay? And apparently that was intentional. (FourFour)

Good news for fans of “Elvira’s Movie Macabre!” It’s coming back! And no, not in syndication, but as in a probably 65-year-old woman in vamp attire! (Screen Junkies)

To all of you who bitched about Dan’s review of Toy Story 3 this weekend, go check out this guy’s review. He actually called it “drivel,” so go bitch at him. (Film Drunk)

Ha. This totally made me laugh: Here are 10 celebrities who look like cartoon characters. (Unreality)

OMG! Vanessa Carlton has come out as a bisexual? Wasn’t she like the “Dawson’s Creek” theme song chick or something? So yeah, stop the presses. (DListed)

Not to defend Perez Hilton by any means, but it’s hard to hold him accountable for posting questionable photos of Miley Cyrus when she basically exposed her ladybits to the entire country of Canada at last night’s Much Music Video Awards. Also, just a warning: You might go to jail if you click on this link. (Evil Beet)

Science has come up with a female form of Viagra, but apparently it hasn’t been all that successful being that female arousal tends to need a bit more “coaxing” than male arousal. (Zelda Lily)

Well, here are some words I thought I’d never, ever, ever type: Betty White may be involved in a sex/nude photo scandal. (Celebslam)

Here’s a compilation of the best and most memorable theme songs from ’80s cartoons. It isn’t “best” or “memorable,” but does anyone remember “Kidd Video?” I loved that stupid theme song. (Topless Robot)

I’ve been strangely oblivious to the goings on of the World Cup, aside from the fact that this vuvuzela business has cemented itself in pop culture — which has likewise inspired this Lord of the Rings mash-up. Thanks to Jelinas!

Pajiba Love brought to you by Stacey Nosek, who can be reached via email here.

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