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Totally Exciting "Grey's" News With A Side of Sarcasm Sauce!

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | June 19, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | June 19, 2009 |

Fantabulous news guys! Katherine Heigl is coming back to “Grey’s Anatomy” and it’s looking like Izzie might not be dead after all! O’ joyous day for everyone! (Webster’s)

In other “Grey’s Anatomy” news … If you’re jonesin’ got a “Grey’s” fix over summer hiatus, maybe this “Grey’s Anatomy” Wii game will do the trick. I am not making this up. This actually exists. (Topless Robot)

Admin and Kolby were awesome enough to put together this facebook quiz: “Which Pajiba Personality Are You?” I was “Stacey Nosek,” by the way. It’s like they know me. All you need to play is a facebook account! (facebook)

As if Up wasn’t horrifyingly sad enough on its own, here is a story about how Pixar representatives came to a girl with cancer’s deathbed to privately screen it for her. Warning: This story will make you cry at work. (Celebitchy)

Neve Campbell is throwing a wrench in the plans for a new Scream trilogy. Like what the hell else does Neve Campbell have going on anyway? (Bloody Disgusting)

Buffster news! Details are sketchy, but supposedly there is a new “Buffy” animated series in the works based on the graphic novel series. Yeah, I’ve heard this before. But it sounds more positive than news of the Jossless movie anyway. (TV Overmind)

Oh noes! Robert Pattinson was nearly killed to the death this morning when a group of screaming girls forced him out in front of a moving taxi cab. (Celebslam)

Harold Ramis is talking about the new Ghostbusters movie to anyone who will listen. Oh, and Year One, of course. (AV Club)

This week in Fuck You: People who own “Labradoodles,” the stupidest possible dog combination and dog combination name ever. Seriously, fuck you. (KSK)

With Father’s Day coming this weekend, here’s a list of the best “dad” moments in movies. (Screen Junkies)

Only in Japan would you find a video game based solely on the concept of giving someone the Japanese equivalent of a wedgie. (atom)

What’s everyone’s policy on becoming friends with the S.O.’s ex? Personally, my ex’s ex remains to be one of my bestest friends to this day. Plus, bonus! Now we can talk smack on him, Kidding, kidding … (Jezebel)

With G.I. Joe and Transformers 2 coming out this summer, here are some other possible movie ideas based on your favorite childhood toys:

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