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Knight and Day: The Most Totally Original Idea for a Movie, Probably Ever

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | June 17, 2010 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | June 17, 2010 |

Studio people are trying to market Knight and Day based on its merits the fact that its not a remake or a sequel. The sad fact of the matter is: It actually does have that going for it. (Film Drunk)

What do Eminem and the “Sham Wow” guy have in common? Well, nothing that I can come up with — but for some reason Em’s got him shilling his new album, “Recovery.” (Agent Bedhead)

Awww, Indiana Jones and Aly McBeal got married in New Mexico on Tuesday. I think these two are so cute together I don’t even have anything snarky to say. (Celebitchy)

Here are some freaky new stills for Robert Rodriquez’s remake of Predators. Yup, they look pretty Predatorey, all right. (Screen Junkies)

You know the “I’m on a Horse” guy from the Old Spice advertisement? Yeah, that guy. He’s getting his own deal with NBC now. Ehh, it’s still a lot less stupid than “Cavemen.” (Warming Glow)

Elton John and his partner are trying to ‘splain away Elton John performing at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding last week, saying that it’s about “building bridges.” Exactly. Solid gold bridges encrusted with diamonds and rubies, of course. How else would a flamboyantly gay man decorate his new Koi Pond? (Evil Beet)

Sony is apparently now meeting with writers to hear pitches for the sequel to the Karate Kid reboot. Really? I’m just shocked it even took them this long. (The Playlist)

Here’s a list of the 10 best “dumb” TV characters, on the site formerly known as “Notes on Bar Napkins.” (Adult / Entertainer)

A charming young man living in Cleveland County, North Carolina is absolutely certain that he came face-to-face with a real life Sasquatch, and it definitely was NOT a moonshine-induced hallucination. (DListed)

Here’s a list of the five best actor performances in animated movies. Thanks, dammitjanet! (Yahoo!)

The Russians have created a new refrigerator which preserves food in green slimey stuff. Uh oh. This is going to be the Space Race all over again, isn’t it? (Gamma Squad)

Here’s a cute little animated mash-up of Super Mario Brothers and Pac-Man. Thanks to MelBivDevoe for sending this in!

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