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Who Was That Masked, Obviously Native American Man?

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | June 17, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | June 17, 2009 |

Dustin hated Killshot, but my friends and I loved it mostly for the unintentional comedy aspect of Mickey Rourke portraying a Native American. (Yes, really.) So much so, that it spawned this six-pack of Caucasian actors unconvincingly playing Native Americans. (PW)

Bruce Willis and his wife Emma did a kinky, topless S&M inspired photoshoot for W magazine. And you thought it sucked to be one of those poor Willis kids when Demi started dating Kelso. (Webster’s)

Tom Colicchio has concocted the perfect beverage to drink while you’re having your “True Blood parties or goth-i-brations in general. (Serious Eats)

Today in “I Hate Katy Perry” news, Katy Perry is suing an Australian designer for having the nerve of being born with her name, which probably isn’t even really Katy Perry’s real birth name to begin with. (Agent Bedhead)

Sacha Baron Cohen posed nude as “Bruno” for GQ magazine. Oh boy, that’s really funny! What a card! (Yeeeah!)

If the Comfort Wipe is 100% money back satisfaction guaranteed … Then what does it actually take to return one? Ew. Thanks, DeadBessie! (Cracked)

Mary-Louise Parker talks about the new season of “Weeds” and how she turned down the role of “Susan” in “Desperate Housewives.” Thank GOD. (A.V. Club)

Breathe a sigh of relief: Here are 20 beloved movies from the 80’s which are currently not being remade amd hopefully will never be. (Film School Rejects)

David Cross is writing an autobiography and in it he calls Jim Belushi a douchebag because he would sign an autograph for a sick kid. And we thought it was just because of, you know, “According to Jim.” (Celebitchy)

The latest incarnation of FMyLife is for “Battlestar Gallactica” nerds. I’ve never watched the series, so this pretty much goes right over my head. Thanks, branded! (FrakMyLife)

Jesus = Box Office Gold? Here’s Michael Bay’s drawings from the set of Transformers 2. (Holy Taco)

Every wonder what the Blue Man Group did before they were stars? Here you go:

Blue Man Group: Before They Were Stars - watch more funny videos

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