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Double Your Pleasure!

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | June 15, 2010 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | June 15, 2010 |

The entire purpose of this website is to add every Nicolas Cage movie available on Netflix to your Netflix queue. If your roommate happened to be conveniently using your laptop and forgot to sign out of Netflix, make sure their queue isn’t already full, because — let me tell you — does that ever ruin a perfectly good practical joke. Thanks to Pinky McLadybits! (Cageflix)

OH MY GOD. Three words. Actually, two words with hyphenation: Two-faced kitten. And not the kind of two-faced kitten that goes around and talks smack about the other kittehs behind their kitteh backs, either. Also: SPEEDO! (DListed)

Juliette Lewis is apparently a drummer now, and seeing pictures of her playing immediately conjures up imagery of “Animal” from The Muppets. (Agent Bedhead)

Here’s a studio-leaked “viral” fake candid video of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz on the set of Knight and Day. Oh yes, because if it’s one thing Tom Cruise is famously known for being good at, it’s being candid. (Film Drunk)

Now here’s how you do a viral, 20th Century Fox: Here is a cute little Google spot for Toy Story 3. (The Playlist)

The Weinsteins are complaining that the script for the “Fraggle Rock” movie wasn’t “edgy” enough. Yes you read that right. Maybe they should get some of the writers from “Breaking Bad” or “The Wire.” That oughta do the trick. (Screen Junkies)

Perez Hilton may have posted a picture of 17-year-old Miley Cyrus’ bare crotch on the internet. Because he is basically a gay, less rapey version of Joe Francis. (Yeeeah!)

Ooooooh! Pre-orders start today for the new iPhone which will literally change the way you live your life. Ima git me onea those life-changin’ phones. (The Flickcast)

Sorry to disappoint, but it turns out Sarah Palin didn’t get breast implants after all. Her boobs only looked bigger as she is forced to wear layers so people listen to what she has to say instead of staring at her chest. That wasn’t a joke, either. That was her actual explanation. (Celebslam)

Here are the ten basic kind of outbreaks that happen in monster movies. Although I’m sure you’ll be able to name a few more. (Topless Robot)

Because I love these quizzes: Facebook Group or Afterschool Special? (mental floss)

Some filmmaker dude lost one of his eyes so he built himself a bionic eye. No way! My dad also only has one eye and I would have totally been the coolest kid growing up if he would have only had the wherewithal to build himself a bionic eye. (Gamma Squad)

Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Rachel Harris and Aubrey Plaza teamed up with College Humor and Orbitz gum to put this short together. But whatever, it’s still funny:

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