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June 11, 2008 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | June 11, 2008 |

Pajiba Love

Not to bring up the Great Squirrel-A-Pult Debacle of July ‘07, but if there was ever a squirrel in dire need of A-Pultin’, it’s this poor little guy, here. Thanks to Boozehound, obviously. (SugarBush)

Dustin finally breaks it off with Ryan Reynolds for hurting poor Alanis. (WIMB)

Phil from Marketing has got the Daniel Carlson demo down pat. (SlowlyGoingBald)

Yeah, but I bet what they’re not telling you is that one Chili’s low-fat meals actually has six servings in it. (QuizLaw)

Here’s a link you could probably waste a good hour on: The 50 Worst Sex Scenes in Cinema. Love that they got my favorite obscure B-horror movie about a killer snowman in there. (Nerve)

It takes a special person to purchase a VHS copy of the 1991 Sisters in the Name of Rap pay-per-view special and share it with the world — and that’s exactly why we love Rich so much. (FourFour)

The Hogan Family (not the cool, Sandy Duncan/Jason Bateman version) really needs to STFU. (The Blemish) And for the love of everything holy, stop dating your childrens’ doppelgängers. (WIMB)

Seriously Obama? Nothing better to do? (Agent Bedhead)

Out of respect to the critics here at Pajiba who do consistently a kickass job, I never post competing movie reviews. But I’m making this one exception for The Happening, because it really doesn’t tell us anything more than we’ve already learned from the trailer. (Film Experience)

So sad, the failed political memorabilia of years gone by. (mental floss)

Like I’ve always said, you just can’t trust grownup people who are that into Disney. Ain’t right. (YBNBY)

Wal-Mart is putting out their own version of Craigslist? What, does Craigslist not designate a section especially for used lawnmower parts and homemade moonshine? (LiberalAvenger)

As much as I wanted to ignore this “Bromance” nonsense, you can bet your sweet one I’ll be reviewing this treasure. (Yeeeah!)

New York City, as it turns out, is an even bigger disappointment than Indy 4. (cityrag)

If there’s one species that hates technology more than senior citizens, it’s our canine friends. The explanation for why my remote control mini-helicopter doesn’t fly anymore, after the jump.

Pajiba Love | June 11, 2008 |

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