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Today Is Put Up As Many Header Images of Old Whores on the Site as Possible Day

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | May 27, 2010 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | May 27, 2010 |

I know making jokes about the old whores being old is kind of like beating an old, whorey dead horse at this point, but here’s a statistic for you: Rue McClanahan, of “Golden Girls,” was younger in the first season of “Golden Girls” than Kim Cattrall is in Sex and the City 2. Discuss. (Film Drunk)

Also, Dustin will have his review of Old Whores in the Desert up later today, and while it’s normally against policy to link competing reviews — this review by Lindy West of The Stranger is all over the goddamn internet — and is awesome. (The Stranger)

Twilight has inspired a gay porn parody called “Twinklight,” which I’m sure is probably still way less gay than actual Twilight. (Agent Bedhead)

Here are six movies which completely destroy parts of the world for our enjoyment. (PW)

Does it really surprise anyone that American Apparel has a “no fat chicks” policy? Christ, I’m a size four and I can’t fit into most of that shit. (Zelda Lily)

Holy cow! 50 Cent lost 54 pounds to play a football player with cancer in some movie. So, should we just give the Oscar to him now? (Celebslam)

I have to say, I’m a little wary about next season of “Dexter.” First off, they’ve kind of written themselves into a corner; as Dustin mentioned yesterday, Rita is coming back in some form; and now Julia Stiles is joining the cast. Whatever. I don’t like her. (Slash)

I don’t know who Broken Bells are, but they cast Christina Hendricks in their music video, so obviously they are important. (Warming Glow)

Christina Aguilera had to cancel her tour because of lack of interest and is claiming “prior engagements.” Ha ha. Oh, and also? You know all those rumors about her being a GIGANTIC bitch? Totally true. A friend of mine worked at a hotel she was staying at once. All I can say is, don’t get any relish in the bitch’s tuna fish. (Yeeeah!)

Puff Daddy or whatever asinine thing he’s calling himself these days is claiming that Joaquin Phoenix’s rap career is 100% legit and that he even produced an album with him. Whatever, I DON’T CARE ANYMORE. (The Playlist)

Here are ten of your favorite iconic movies which almost had totally different endings. (mental floss)

With all the uses for corn, I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone made a biodegradable, environmentally-friendly cat litter out of it. Also, did anyone else think this guy was totally Seth MacFarlane? (DListed)

Remember the “Worst Wedding DJ Ever?” It was on the internets like two whole weeks ago, so like me you’ve probably already forgotten it existed. Anyway, adorable celebrity couple Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romjin made a spoof of it:

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