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Muslims and Hitler Have Poor Senses of Humor. Who Knew?

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | April 22, 2010 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | April 22, 2010 |

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are basically going to be put to death over the 200th episode of “South Park.” Not that that’s a threat of any kind, mind you. (Screen Junkies)

The German distributors of Downfall (the movie used in the Hitler internet meme) unsurprisingly do not have a sense of humor about the Hitler internet meme. Oh, suck it, Germany. (LA Times)

The next best thing to having your very own Michael C. Hall is having an action figure version of him. Mmm … Action figure Michael C. Hall. (Unreality)

The sequel to the Friday the 13th reboot is apparently not happening, which is fine by me because although I haven’t seen it yet I have to assume that the delicious Jared Padalecki gets killed off in the first one. (Bloody Disgusting)

Hey all you Fear and Loathing nerds, here’s an exclusive early review of Hunter S. Thompson’s Rum Diary, starring Johnny Depp, Giovanni Ribisi, and Aaron Eckhart. (Film Drunk)

Spencer Pratt and Perez Hilton are embroiled in a heated “twitter feud.” Of course they are. I would expect nothing less of them, to be perfectly honest. (Litelysalted)

Here are ten pet products which are a sign of mental illness. But come on! I’m seriously thinking about potty training my cat and I believe I’m mostly in grasp of my mental facilities. (Uproxx)

Coheed and Cambria have a new album out? Aren’t they the band that has a few songs that ruin Rock Band or Guitar Hero or whichever one it is? (Audiosuede)

CBS is pitching a crappy version of “The View,” and no amount of Darlene from “Roseanne” in the world would to be enough to make me tune in. (Evil Beet)

Here’s an interview with Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who has somehow AMAZINGLY managed to shed off his “McLovin” moniker. Well, for the most part. (AV Club)

One of the “Hills” stars is the latest to get naked for PETA, which I’m sure was definitely because she really cares a lot about the animals and not because it was an excuse to be a naked whore. (IBBB)

Here are seven kids from movies who could kick your ass. (Holy Taco)

Ew, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is dating some chick from “One Tree Hill.” Not to judge, of course, since he is technically a CW star as well — albeit from a much, much better show. (Celebitchy)

Who says vampires are the only monsters allowed to be sexy? Here’s a (fake, of course) trailer for the hot new HBO series, “Mummy:”

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