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April 22, 2008 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | April 22, 2008 |

Litely Salted’s Pajiba Love

And the angels sang a heavenly tune. This is, indeed, the greatest cast for a reality television show ever. I can already feel my brain cells running off a cliff, lemming-style. (DListed)

More great news everyone, we’ve got a brand new Lohan to stink up our movie screens! (WIMB)

You put cheese on top of a Shepard’s Pie, not tomatoes. And I will cut a bitch for saying otherwise. (QuizLaw)

Uwe Boll responds to the “petitions to get him to stop his deluge of cinematic brilliance” and calls Michael Bay a “fucking retard.” I love this story so much I want to make out with it. (Wired)

Happy Birthday to Tony Danza, who is 57 years young today! Anyone else dearly miss clips of his awesome talk show on “The Soup?” (Agent Bedhead)

College will continue to be useless until they start incorporating courses like these. (SlowlyGoingBald)

The Burger King Cheesy Bacon BK Wrapper is cheesy in that it’s crappy, not that it has the suggested copious amount of actual cheese. (The Impulsive Buy)

More bites from the 2008 ComicCon. (FilmExperience)

Ginnifer Goodwin reminds us that real polygamy isn’t all glamor and sexy fun like the kind depicted on “Big Love.” (Celebitchy)

Pie anyone? Why yes, I am taunting you Sarina. (Serious Eats)

Somehow I totally missed this until my boyfriend asked me if I wrote about it last night (which clearly, I didn’t) — but Danica Patrick became the first woman to win an IndyCar race this weekend. (IDLYITW)

“It’s Fucking Checkers” and more photoshopped Atari game boxes. (MightyGodKing)

Natalie Portman enjoys a golden shower, complimentary of a local mutt. (The Blemish)

Check out Eugene Mirman’s coverage of the PA primary, after the jump. (Get thee out and vote, my fellow Pennsyltucky rednecks!)

Pajiba Love | April 22, 2008 |

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