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April 18, 2008 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | April 18, 2008 |

Litely Salted’s Pajiba Love

Laugh out loud: Kanye West says he was breastfed for too long and thinks that’s why he fancies himself some women’s breasteses. (WIMB)

Dustin tells his childhood hero Bill Clinton to get his head out of his ass. It’s about time somebody did. (QuizLaw)

James Caan was decidedly less inclined to put up with David O. Russell’s bullshit than Lily Tomlin was. (IDLYITW)

OH EM GEE! You guys just have to see this. I love it so much I stared and laughed at it for 10 minutes and then called everyone in my office to look at it with me. Warning: deceptively NSFW. (FourFour)

You know what Vince Vaughn’s problem is? Too much pie. (Agent Bedhead)

So, one of the guys over at KSK came out from anonymity only to receive the “Chez Pazienza treatment” — in other words, getting canned from the Washington Post. Damn, it is just not safe for us bloggers out there. (KSK)

How is it that we live in the age of Napalm Vagina and Heidi Montag, and yet, the fact that people like this exist still surprises us? (Jezebel)

Beyonce and Jay-Z have been together for like 5 years and married for 14 days, so naturally, now they’ve started hating each other. (Yeeeah!)

The great thing about treehouses is that they never stop being fun. Not ever. I see a treehouse, and my mind instantly reverts back into an eight year old. It’s crazy. (Mental Floss)

There was some debate in yesterday’s comment thread about the merits of body modification and self mutilation — but I think we can all agree that people who pay money for this are for serious fucked in the head. (The Blemish)

I can’t wait til this fucking primary election is over. It’s tearing us apart dammit! More evidence of this, after the jump.

Pajiba Love | April 18, 2008 |

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