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James Cameron Doesn't Have Boobs

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | April 13, 2010 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | April 13, 2010 |

I know it was probably in Sigourney Weaver’s contract to unconditionally support Avatar and act like she really believes that it deserved to win an Oscar — but did she really just play the sexism card? Really?! (DListed)

Conan kicked off his nationwide tour in Eugene, OR last night, (were any of you there?) predictably and deservedly devoting a good portion of his routine to making fun of NBC. (Warming Glow)

RDJ gave an interview to Men’s Journal about Iron Man 2 as well as the martial art he practices, Wing Chun — and I seriously thought he was talking about the band/song from the ’80s at first. (Celebitchy)

Yesterday was Beverly Cleary’s birthday (she’s 94, bitches!) so here are some fun facts about the amazing lady who brought me some of my favorite childhood reads, as well as her timeless characters. (mental floss)

With Kick-Ass coming out this week, here are the best “kids living on the edge” films, no less than three of which feature Corey Feldman. Also, I would like to unofficially add Over the Edge. Come on! The title of the movie is practically the same as the title of the list! (Screen Junkies)

Heidi Montag wants to star in a female version of the Bourne movies, even though she can’t act and is basically just a plastic Barbie version of Frankenstein who is horrible to look at. (Litelysalted)

A new Nintendo DS video game adaptation of Mean Girls has Back to the Future‘d Lindsay Lohan out of the history of the movie. I know she’s a mess and all, but … Aww. (Cinematical)

Here’s some Evil Dead IV non-news, which is probably about as likely to happen as the Arrested Development movie. (Bloody Disgusting)

KFC’s “Double Down” hit America yesterday like the most stealthy terrorist weapon ever, and here is the inner monologue of someone eating one of those abhorrences. (Holy Taco)

In the wake of her split with Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy is closing her autism school. But I doubt it means that she’s stopped believing she’s a scientific expert on autism, unfortunately. (Yeeeah!)

Jessica Simpson either got her hair cut or was photographed in a wig, (take your pick) but I have to say — at least in the second picture — the cut actually looks fantastic on her. (IBBB)

Here are some fun to watch NES gaming records. Oh man, was “Duck Tales” seriously the best game or what? (Unreality)

We’ve known for awhile now that certain people think that Harry Potter is turning our children to the occult — but now, it must be true. The lady on the internet said it:

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