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Director Forbids Rachel Weisz from Masturbating

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | April 12, 2010 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | April 12, 2010 |

In her upcoming film Agora, Rachel Weisz begged the director to include a scene with her character Hypatia flicking the bean, but apparently some people don’t care for imagery of women masturbating. The nerve! (Jezebel)

Although I previously reported that I Love You, Phillip Morris had been shelved indefinitely, it has now been given a tentative, limited-release date set for late July. (The Playlist)

This wins for the most bizarre item of the day: Ice T and Aimee Mann were engaged in (but have since resolved) a “twitter war.” (Celebitchy)

It’s been noted that Jesse James’ mistress Michelle “Bombshell” McGee bears a striking resemblance to Marilyn Manson. Manson, however, couldn’t be more disgusted by the comparison. Hee! (Agent Bedhead)

I don’t remember if we’ve reported on this before, and I wouldn’t even know where to begin going about doing a search for it on the site, but there’s a (direct-to-DVD) spoof movie coming out spoofing Judd Apatow films. (Cinematical)

Mickey Rourke toasts to “little dogs and goddamn revolution,” essentially playing himself in the most AMAZING beer commercial EVER. (Screen Junkies)

Sucker, a movie that will inevitably become an instant Pajiba classic, has begun filming. It is about a half man, half mosquito mutant. Naturally. (Bloody Disgusting)

Here are a bunch of unintentionally hilarious sitcom publicity photos. (Cracked)

“Mad Men” has apparently inspired a new hipster fashion movement called “Retrosexual.” Hey, if it means dudes will stop wearing their girlfriend’s jeans, I’m all for it. (Zelda Lily)

Here are seven unique dating activities for nerdy couples. Because what the hell is more romantic than goddamn laser tag. (Topless Robot)

The popular new feature over at Film Drunk, movie plots reconstructed with [poor] review blurbs takes on Why Did I Get Married Too?. (Film Drunk)

Well this is kind of creepy: Twitter has gotten to such a crushing force in social media that it can now singlehandedly predict box office success. (BBC)

Ha ha, Jared Leto is looking like an even bigger horse’s ass than he usually does. (DListed)

Ugh, in Totally Disgusting Couple Alert news, Avril Lavigne and “Brody Jenner,” who, for some reason I can’t type his name without putting quotation marks around it, are now officially dating. (Celebslam)

I received this clip from a reader, Jelinas, last week — and although I didn’t think it to be quite the comedic brilliance she made it out to be — I will grudgingly admit that it made me laugh at the end. Enjoy:

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