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If A Washed-Up Rock Star Cursed In The Woods and No One Was Around To Hear It, Would It Still Get Bleeped?

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | April 2, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | April 2, 2009 |

Did you all know there was another Osbournes reality show? Yep. “The Osbournes Reloaded,” because we really need to see Kelly go through withdrawal and Ozzy die of old age on camera. (RUFKM)

I know a lot of people *ahem* Dustin *ahem* don’t care for Mickey Rourke, but he’s quickly becoming my most favorite crazy person. Suck on that, Joaquin! (Webster’s)

My second favorite crazy person? Bjork, who is so crazy that even a blatant attempt at an April Fool’s joke falls flat. Because, it’s Bjork, people. (AgentBedhead)

The cast of Inglorious Basterds [sic] (I love adding the [sic]) poses for some promotional shots and announces the film will premiere at Cannes. (FilmSchoolRejects)

Here’s a fantastic piece of the flawed yet underrated 1996 Kids in the Hall opus, Brain Candy. Thanks to my friend Joey for the head’s up! (AV Club)

Norm Coleman is continuing to make absolutely pathetic attempts at delaying Al Franken’s term as senator of Minnesota. (QuizLaw)

It’s a day late (sorry), but our own Steven has a fine piece up on the history behind April Fool’s day in his latest, brilliant Burning Violin column. (The Burning Violin)

Ted Nugent is finally hunting … The most dangerous game of all! We only knew it was all too inevitable. (ScreenJunkies)

The sandwich place from the “Sandwich Day” episode of “30 Rock” has finally been revealed! And dear sweet jesus is my stomach rumbling reading about it. (SeriousEats)

I’ve never had reason to watch “American Idol” before, but a brewing catfight just might turn the tides in its favor. (Celebitchy)

Greg Mottola recalls the recipe for zombie vomit while working on Day of the Dead. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a dozen shots of SoCo chased with a dozen beers followed by a late night snack of fried cheese brains. Thanks to the commenter formerly known as Bucdaddy! (PostGazette)

I think the only thing I’ll actually miss about winter is an almost nightly whiskey consumption. But hey, with summer comes pinot grigio! (Naive’sGuide)

You know what’s greater than videos of adults kicking kids or people getting whacked in the nuts? Grandma’s falling. Here’s ten of them. (Tabloid Prodigy)

The website Stuff White People Like has ushered in a whole new era of white people making fun of white people. Here’s the latest offering from atom:

White People Problems Funny Videos | Atom Originals | Sing-Alongs

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