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It's That Time of Year Again!

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | March 29, 2010 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | March 29, 2010 |

Over the weekend I passed by a Rita’s Italian ice and saw that they have a limited edition Peep-flavor and wondered what a marshmallow covered in sugar-flavored water ice could possibly taste like. And, here’s my answer. Personally I like my Peeps dipped in chocolate. Trust me, it is a DELICACY. (Impulsive Buy)

In a shocking — shocking — turn of event, Helena Bonham Carter may not play the lead if Maleficent after all. (The Playlist)

Wow. Miley Cyrus has managed to make me exceed my feelings of irritation and general dislike towards her to wanting to shoot her point blank in the face with a gun that fires out deadly scorpions. (Litelysalted)

Remember last week when I linked that Chloe Sevigny interview where she took a steaming Heigl on “Big Love” in which I actually kind of agreed with her? Well now she’s backtracking and blaming everyone but herself. Of course. (Celebitchy)

And even Katherine Heigl herself is now apologizing for her assy behavior on “Grey’s Anatomy” now that she got out of her contract. (Agent Bedhead)

And in other apology news, J.D. Shaprio, writer of Battlefield Earth (and nothing else since, according to IMDB) has issued a two-page formal apology for his involvement in arguably the worst movie of all time. (DListed)

Here are some metaphorical illustrations to depict various internet browsers. (Unreality)

Who do you guys think is worse: Gallagher or Carrot Top? I honestly can’t pick, Gallagher is a giant asshole but Carrot Top is generally creepy and takes unfunny to astounding levels. Here’s a argument for both. (Holy Taco)

Now that “The Hills” has run it’s course, Heidi Montag has set herself the lofty goal of essentially becoming the next Tommy Wiseau. (Gordon and the Whale)

This tumblr page, which involves a Princess Di collectible plate, may be the strangest thing I’ve ever come across on the internet. Thanks, the_wakeful! (Eating Off the People’s Princess)

Here are a handful of ’80s action heroes worth resurrecting. (Cinematical)

How delightful: Jimi Hendrick’s sex tape — of which the alleged existence of I think I mentioned awhile back — is hitting shelves on May 3rd. (Evil Beet)

Here’s a movie quiz which involves matching terrible film critic blurbs to their respective films. (mental floss)

I would like to think that these dogs are what those rapper guys were thinking when they wrote that song about fucking the police. (Via Film Drunk!)

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