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March 18, 2008 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | March 18, 2008 |

Pajiba Love

Easter Do: Ridiculously awesome, yet impossible to make-looking golden chocolate eggs. (Serious Eats) Easter Don’t: Bringing home a live domestic bunny for the kiddies and letting it go into “the wild” to be stray dog or cat food a week later. (MakeMineChocolate)

R.I.P. Anthony Minghella. (The Film Experience)

Oh, Parker Posey … Do shut up. For serious, now. (WIMB)

Awww, the poor Scientolotards failed to obtain a restraining order on the Anonymous group hellbent on ridiculing their every movement. (QuizLaw)

Hooray for Summer Glau! However, I take issue with her being labeled as every fanboy’s crush. We fangirls can’t have fancrushes as well? (Popoholic)

Welcome to SXSW! Cocksuckers! (PassiveAggressiveNotes)

Mini-diversion: Does the least haggard broad from “Sex and the City” have a sex tape? Link marginally safe for work. (Yeeeah!)

On one hand, Britney Spears was banned from Pajiba Love a long time ago. On the other hand, it’s my duty to post links pertaining to TV stunt casting and clips of said stunt casting. Decisions, decisions… (The Blemish)

I like my coffee like I like my men: hot and black. Errr, anyway … If you give me some shit with whipped cream and a cherry sticking out, get ready to have it thrown in your face. (The Impulsive Buy)

So this is pretty freaking amazing: the history of modern conflict, as told by fast food. (ASWOBA)

Our world frightens and confuses DMX. Sometimes the honking horns of our traffic makes him want to get out of his bulletproof Hummer and run off into the hills, or wherever. His primitive mind can’t grasp these concepts. (Agent Bedhead)

After the jump: if man’s best friend is the dog, then dog’s best friend must be a tennis ball throwing robot.

Pajiba Love | March 18, 2008 |

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