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Leaky Bladder, Anyone?

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | March 4, 2010 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | March 4, 2010 |

My boyfriend’s “The View”-loving mother brought this up when we were all out at dinner at a nice restaurant the other night, so since I had to hear about it — who else wants to hear all about Whoopi Goldberg’s “incontinence” problems? Anyone? Oh well, too bad! (Celebitchy)

Only the French can get away with blatant beej-related imagery to promote an anti-smoking campaign. (Agent Bedhead)

TK posted this on my Facebook wall yesterday and I can’t help but sharing it. Can you believe it’s been twelve years since “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” started? Yeah, me neither. (The Onion)

Robery Pattinson regrets turning down the chance to audition for There Will Be Blood, which is inconsequential, because like he ever would have gotten it over Paul Dano anyway. (The Playlist)

Today in WHATEVER, Chloe Sevigny News, Chloe Sevigny thinks she’s too “intimidating” to find a boyfriend. (Litelysalted)

Here’s an interactive movie that’s a little bit moving and a little bit creepy, where you can surprise someone in your life by letting them know what a hero they are to you. Thanks to replica! (Tackfilms)

Here are some memorable knife-wielders in movies. (Unreality)

Burger King has a new cilantro-line fish sandwich which actually sounds kind of delicious and like something that I might actually eat. (Impulsive Buy)

National Geographic has compiled their best photos of the year, many of which contain adorable animals that I want to hug and squeeze and love until they can’t breathes no more. Thanks to my wonderful friend Leah for sharing this. (Copy Taste)

Yuck. I find taxidermy very gross and disturbing and gross, but if you’re fascinated by that sort of thing, you might be interested in this book. (Second Pass)

PETA is calling for Knut the Polar Bear’s castration because they’re worried he may be exposed to a condition called “incest depression” from one of his female cousins. I wish someone would prevent PETA members from reproducing. (DListed)

Before Michael Emerson played that creepy, buy-eyed dude in “Lost,” he played a creepy, bug-eyed dude in a 1992 prison training video. I guess every creepy bug-eyed dude has to get his start somewhere. (Warming Glow)

There was supposed to be a “Brady Bunch” reunion on the “Today” show this week, but it didn’t happen because even after all these years, Jan still hates Marsha. (Evil Beet)

Ohhhh-kay. So I guess they decided to go with a “227” reunion, instead. (IBBB)

What do you guys think about Apple banning all those “sexy” apps from iTunes? I’m not sure I see what the big deal is here, considering that your iPhone is still hooked up to the internet. (Zelda Lily)

Here is an EPIC Funny or Die clip which reunites all of the former “Saturday Night Live” presidents (with the exception of Phil Hartman’s Reagan, sadly) to give advice to President Obama. I love it that Dana Carvey actually looks old enough to be Bush now.

Funny or Die’s Presidential Reunion from Will Ferrell

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