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When Good Directors Go Bad

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | January 20, 2010 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | January 20, 2010 |

With Peter Jackson’s Lovely Bones getting almost universally panned by critics, here is a six-pack of unspeakably bad films by good directors. (PW)

Dan Carlson has added his own commentary about the late night fracas going on, and how “people who use the Internet to do more than forward cat pictures” are rallying behind Conan. To be fair, my dad forwards mostly dog pictures. (Hairballs)

Meanwhile, Quentin Tarantino is helping Conan flesh out his next project: A — wait for it — revenge flick. (Agent Bedhead)

John Mayer spoke to Rolling Stone about his penchant for constantly masturbating. Seriously John, this is why everyone hates you and thinks you’re a douchebag. Go away. (Litelysalted)

Oooooooooooooh! “True Blood” spoiler alert! Season Three might include some hot Sam on Bill action. Is a doggy style joke fair game? Thanks, I’ll be here all night. (Screen Junkies)

Remember Tiffany, the ’80s pop singer who sang that song “I think We’re Alone Now?” Well she’s starring in a direct-to-DVD horror flick called Necrosis. Um, good for her? (Bloody Disgusting)

Kathy Griffin is reportedly vying to take over for Simon Cowell on “American Idol.” I guess she should start practicing playing with her boobs on camera, then. (Celebslam)

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Danny Elfman’s score has been scrapped for Wolfman, but now they’re back to using it again. So there’s that. (The Playlist)

Somebody on the internet decided to animate the Na’avi sex scene from Avatar. Meh. It’s not good enough to embed, but I suppose I’ll link to it. (Film Drunk)

On the heels of yesterday’s fanfic debacle, somebody decided to get a really inappropriate tattoo featuring Princess Leia and R2-D2. Kind of NSFW-ish. Thanks? Amanda. (Ugliest Tattoos)

Here’s a “Where Are They Now” with the cast of Kids, that movie that was all like controversial and stuff in the ’90s. Except we know where Jennie is, of course — wearing ugly purple dresses to awards shows and then screeching at people for stepping on them. (Unreality)

Here’s a list of totally doable older dudes. But what, no Anthony Stewart Head? I gotta give Giles some love. (Frothy Girlz)

In the wake of the Golden Globes, the bloggers over at the New York Times have decided to turn into a bunch of giant dickheads. (Celebitchy)

Remember the Chinese computer animation depiction of the Tiger Woods scandal? Well now they’ve taken on Conan and Jay — resulting in an Anchorman-style brawl with Conan O’Brien as the Hulk, Jeff Zucker as Captain America and Jay Leno as Superman. And Letterman as himself. Naturally.

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