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Our President Is Storming England Like A Boss. A Very Square And Sort Of Reserved Boss.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | May 25, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | May 25, 2011 |

Oh, my partial bi-partisans, I am a huge Obama fan. We can talk policy discrepancies if you like, but, truth be told, I love the h*ll out of him. Not just because he’s a nerd. Not just because his wife is a total badass. But because he does endearingly dorky things when abroad. Is he chugging a Guinness like a boss? Yes, but he made darn sure to pay for it. (On Politix)

Did you see Michelle’s mini-Guinness? So cute. Also, Obama got REALLY into a game of table tennis. Which he lost. To some kids. Adorable, right? I want to hug all of these photos. (Yes, Yes, It’s THAT “Paper” Again)

See, Lars Von Trier, that’s how you manage a public image. Did you watch the video of Lars Von Trier self-destruct at Cannes? If not, you missed the priceless faces Kirsten Dunst was pulling next to him. Here’s a round up of the best ones in “gif” format. My favorite is when she’s telling him to stop. No, seriously, Lars, stop. (Four Four)

But, ah, some folks don’t care about their public image. I’m guessing we can lump this awesome posterdude into that category. Click the image to make it bigger. You know you wanna.
Interbest: Male Stripper.jpeg

Speaking of the moobs, did you know men can lactate? Apparently, they can. Slate shines a headlight on the subject. (Slate)

Okay, okay, settle down, we can talk about more attractive bosoms. Here is Christina Hendricks insisting that her famous rack is real. (Evil Beet)

Do you miss “Mad Men” too, my little ginger enthusiasts? Well, you can tide yourself over with that OTHER devastatingly attractive redhead, Louis CK. His show returns to FX this June. Check out the adorable promo. (Warming Glow)

Also, also, VH1 is bringing back Pop-Up Video!! Oooh-di-lally! (AV Club)

One last bit of TV news, my dearest boob-tubers. There are many shows that I grudgingly watch even though they are crazy predictable (“House,” every damn episode of “House.”), but I could never get into a single non-Vincent D’Onofrio “Law & Order” series. That being said, I know a lot of people are fond of the disgusting hijinks on “Law & Order: Sports Utility Vehicle” and will be sad to see Chris Meloni leave. (Celebitchy)

It’s okay, my stunning Stablerphiles. It’s not the end of the world. All this insane weather we’re having, however, well, THE SKY IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THAT COLOR. I hope everyone in Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and, well, I just hope everyone’s okay. (High Definite)

Speaking of Ragnarocking acts of nature, scientists have discovered (or rediscovered) a see-through frog. I really wish they hadn’t. You can see the frog and its INNARDS here. (National Geographic)

I talk about a lot of so-called “geeky” topics here on the Pajiba. My first exposure was “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” We watched it a lot in my house. It was sort of a stargateway drug. Well in honor of that, and in honor of the Star Trek theme park they’re building in Jordan (yeah, Jordan), I present to you this video of Data rapping about his cat. Thank you, internet. Thank you so much.

My geekery has never spread to reading comic books, and while I’m not quite as harsh as Dustin is about this new Green Lantern movie, ummm, is that actually his power? Controlling green things? Check out this adorable superhero sketch starring the supremely underrated TJ Miller and thank your lucky stars we don’t have a Hawkman movie. Dustin would have a field day with you nerds.

Joanna Robinson is still skeptical. HE CONTROLS GREEN THINGS!? Email! Twitter!

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