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Once Again Meghan McCain Displays A Complete Lack Of Nuance And Understanding

By Ursula Scully | Pajiba Love | March 7, 2019 |

By Ursula Scully | Pajiba Love | March 7, 2019 |


I am not going to get into this issue because Pajiba Love is not the place to do so, but I do have a quick word to say about Ilhan Omar’s comments and the response to them. I was born and raised in Poland. Like Jews, Poles were one of Hitler’s persecuted groups (along with a number of others). Two of the deadliest concentration camps are located in Poland. I am very aware and familiar with the history of The Holocaust, a horrific event that affected my family directly. Holocaust deniers and anti-Semites make me sick to my stomach. However, the comments that Ilhan Omar made are not anti-Semitic. A person can support Israel’s right to exist whilst at the same time condone their military actions. Nuance is required in this situation, but I am not surprised that Meghan McCain shows none.
(The Daily Beast)

I hate Uber and have a thesis-length rant I could write here on the entire “sharing economy” but I’ll spare you and direct you to this article instead. (OneZero)

Goopsters takes issue with being called an “elitist brand”, to which I say: hahahahahahah. (Celebitchy)

All the Cersei Lannister fans (hi Dustin!) will appreciate this analysis of her wine sippin’. (The New Yorker)

Most of us are aware of The Rachel, but did you know that this ’90s haircut is called The Butt?! (MEL Magazine)

Because I am a master of transition, here is Lainey making a really great point about “The Butt Song” from A Star Is Born. (Lainey Gossip)

YouTube is rolling out a feature that will display fact-check information panels. I actually think this is a good step. I wish Google would roll out something similar, like a verified check mark on each search result, or a percentage score. Call me, Google! (Buzzfeed)

I’m positive that Trump got into Wharton because of his brother’s connection and money, but now I’m wondering if he even graduated high school. (Teen Vogue)

Remember Heidi Montag? I mean, I really hope you don’t. But in case you do and want to know how the gal is fairing past her TV days, the answer is not at all well. Poor thing thinks diversity is about blonde and brunette hair. (Dlisted)

The NSA open-sourced one of its cybersecurity tools and yeah, I’m going to nope out of that, thanks, guys. (Wired)

This $200,000 per night Las Vegas suite looks like it was designed by someone who got a hold of some very excellent shrooms. (T&C)

I don’t know if Brie Larson is wearing a jumpsuit or if it’s separates, but I do know that the tips of her shoes will absolutely stab a bitch. (GFY)

According to this video, I might qualify as a 17th-century witch. *accio tacos* Nope, not working. Dang. (Mental Floss)

Ctkat1 has read several M/M romances, but Roan Parrish’s Riven surprised her. "Really, it’s a good piece of fiction that happens to have a pretty sweeping romance at the center, but the bulk of the book takes place at the margins, where two men who have been just surviving build up the courage to try and start living." Which books have surprised you? (Cannonball Read 11)

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