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On The Bright Side, Guess Which Awesome Music Video Vixen Is Cumbering Sherlock's Batch?

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 26, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 26, 2012 |

Given how het up y’all got about that Thomas Edison pilot this morning, I’m sure you will join me in protesting this “Wuthering Heights” TV project. Right? Guys? *cricket sounds* Annnyway, this version will be set in the vineyards of Napa, California. Brood, swish and spit, y’all.(AV Club)

If you’re still brooding over last night’s episode of “Sons Of Anarchy,” head on over to Warming Glow so you can processing all your feels with like-minded biker bros. Also, I’ll echo Dustin’s question about who was wounded on the ground at the end of the episode. For a split second I thought it was Juice (and this Tweet scared the crap out of me), but it ain’t. Who is it? (WG)

Apparently some charity is hosting a celebrity Words With Friends tournament. No, like, real celebrities. Ed Norton, you guys! Anyway, it made ponder which actor I would most want to play with and I think I’d have to go with Stephen Fry. I’m notoriously terrible at word games, so I may as well go down in flames. (Yahoo)

Speaking of erudite Brits, Benedict Cumberbatch was seen out on the town with this nice young lady here:

No, no. The one on the left. Now maybe, MAYBE, Cumberbatch (who will be voicing Smaug in The Hobbit) and Liv Tyler were out and about discussing the finer points of Tolkien. I prefer to believe he was letting her steal his dragon. Yawrp, that’s two elegant dragon sex jokes in as many days. That’s why I make the good money. (Celebitchy)

Speaking of dragon f*cking, you guys know this is a thing, right? (Buzzfeed)

And while we’re going inside the automotive industry, check out this man who turned himself into a car seat in order to illegally immigrate into Spain. Didn’t work, but A for effort. (Telegraph)

In books news, NPH will be penning a memoir. (EW) And JK Rowling has promised that her next book will be for kids. (The Guardian)

Speaking of all things Potter, how appealing does this Butterbeer lip balm look to you? Butterbeer (and buttered rum and buttered any kind of liquid) give me the creeping heebie jeebies, so I’m not really on board. (Fashionably Geek)

Having watched Chandler’s depressingly mediocre new sitcom “Go On,” I gotta agree with this chart that claims it sole everything from “Community”…everything except for the parts that make us laugh or even smile. (Slate)

Ms. chose someone totally rad to cover their 40th anniversary issue. But they forgot to put pants on her. (Jezebel)

And speaking of hip feminist icons, all you Lady Scientist fanboys and girls should check out these gorgeous posters. (Hydrogene Portfolio)

Great Halloween costume, or greatest Halloween costume? (WG)

Finally, I’ve been looking at kitten videos all morning, that’s where my brian is today, but I thought your time would be better served if I shared with you this massive protest going on in Spain. You can see some disturbing footage here, but this photo’s worth a thousand words.

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