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Olivia Wilde Was Almost Trampled By Horses But Lived To (Hotly) Tell About It

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 13, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 13, 2011 |

So, my punning linguists, you know what a sucker I am for wordplay. You would think, then, that these “handeliers” (light fixtures made from sturdy rubber gloves) would be right up my alley. WRONG. This is some creepy Jean Cocteau-looking design and I am not a fan. (Design Milk)

While we’re on the subject of gloves, however, what do we think of this “Throne of Games” image? Would Ned Stark be rocking a Power Glove? (Throne of Games)

I don’t really know, I don’t do video games…or sports for that matter. But, BUT, this cover article for “Out” magazine? I’m impressed. Here is Michael Irvin (who is, according to some more knowledgable sources, a total dillhole) being very cool about homosexuality. That’s a rarity in his profession, so I salute him. He may be a dillhole, but he’s a progressive one. Thanks, Kballs! (Yahoo)

Speaking of being progressive, Google+ is now offering a gender-neutral option for their profiles. Something facebook has refused to do. I am loving how responsive the Google+ team has been to feedback and I equally love the vaguely awkward response videos they post. This engineer makes an adorkable “please don’t message me about grammar” plea. I love her. (The Mary Sue)

While we’re on the subject of Google and gender, three young American girls swept the first ever Google Science Fair. And only one of the projects was about cooking! Conclusion? Girls Rule and Boys Drool. (GOOD)

Well, to be honest, boys and girls will likely drool over these photos of Alex O’Loughlin running whilst shirtless. O’Loughlin’s is a name I know, but according to IMDB I have yet to see a single one of his projects. Oh, he was one half of “kissing couple” in The Holiday? That clears it up. I might be convinced to watch “Hawaii Five-O” when Locke joins the cast next year. Maybe. He’s persuasive. (Celebitchy)

While we’re on the subject of eye candy, a Pajiba favorite, Olivia Wilde, apparently fell off her horse while filming Cowboys and Aliens. You can click through to hear director Jon Favreau interview her about it. I love that she was saved by Walton Goggins. (Boyd Crowder is in that movie? Jeepers, it’s like they made it just for me.) I also love her Harrison Ford impression. And, well, for those of you who inexplicably loathe Wilde, she almost died! Neat! (MovieLine)

If she had died, this strange and unusual site would enable you to figure out where she was buried. I don’t know why this exists and I don’t know why the only name I could think of to search was Tycho Brahe. Do you have a better idea? Whose grave would you spit on? Er, visit. (Find A Grave)

We send a sincere RIP to Pleasant Street Video, a really cool independent shop that had to close its doors due to the demon internet. In order to keep their extensive collection available to residents, the shop is asking folks to help donate their inventory to the local library. Our very own tamatha has already adorably donated a title in Pajiba’s name. (You can see which one she picked by searching for “Pajiba” here.) Won’t you do your bit to save the movies? (Pleasant Street Video)

I really have lost my mind with anticipation over the last Harry Potter movie.Mrs. Julien sent me this article Ralph Fiennes wrote about playing Lord Voldemort. While it lack the poetry of Alan Rickman’s farewell letter, it’s a lovely read. (Newsweek)

But let’s not get into another kerfuffle over who the real hero of Harry Potter is. (Though it’s clearly Matt Lewis for surviving the ravages of puberty.) Let’s talk instead about an actual honest-to-goodness hero. I may be a pinko commie peace-loving leftist granola cruncher, but I’m happy to see Sgt. 1st Class Leroy A. Petry receive the Medal of Honor from President Barack Obama. Petry is only the second active-duty servicemember since Vietnam to live to accept the nation’s highest military honor. (Army)

And while she went through nothing as remotely harrowing, I sort of want to give Melissa McCarthy a big hug at the end of this Emmy training montage with our favorite douchebag, Joel McHale. (Warming Glow)

Hmmm, McHale might actually be our second favorite douchebag because here comes Timberlake to mock sportscaster Joe Buck and talk about how much he likes beer. I think he might be drunk during this interview and I’m perfectly okay with it. (Thanks, S0crates!)

Finally, zomgmouse sent me this fantastic Buck 65 video which uses fake movie title cards to accompany the lyrics. I’ll admit I spent the first half of the video totally believing those titles were real.

BUCK 65 “Superstars Don’t Love” from Travis Hopkins on Vimeo.

Joanna Robinson loves beer more than she loves Justin Timberlake. Beer IS perfect. Do you have a favorite kind? Hers is probably a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, though she hears nice things about Yeungling.

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