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Oh You Thought You Couldn't Love Matt Damon More? Fool.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 14, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 14, 2011 |

After some imprudent and unprofessional words in GQ, Matt Damon not only apologized, but also wore this delightful sweater on the Today show. I will never stop loving you, Matty. (Today)

Speaking of imprudent words. You know we love you, our commenters. We really do. But sometimes, just sometimes, we despise you. Here are 20 reasons why. Sound familiar? (NPR)

I’m not eating gluten or dairy right now, but if one of you wanted to try these cheddar bacon ranch pulls, recover from your coronary, and then tell me how it was, that would be dandy. (Plain Chicken)

Clooney gives a good interview on the trouble with Democrats and the weird little projects he does just for the money. (Celebitchy) But if he and Damon don’t put the ginger in your snap, here’s a little Gillian Anderson side boob. (Celebitchy)

Speaking of side boob, here’s a PSA on how to check your ladies for lumps as demonstrated by famous comic book breasts characters. (DC Women Kicking Ass)

And, in my last boob-related post (like, today, not ever), here’s a delightful TV news blooper. Come for the “slip of the tongue” stay for the author’s phrase “pen*s take the wheel.” (Warming Glow)

And now for something completely different. Inspired by the Arab Spring, #OWS and the good folks of Wisconsin, Time has named “The Protestor” their Person Of The Year. The cover art by Shepard Fairey is pretty swank. (Boing Boing)

FSR has a great list of 19 Book For Movie Lovers. (FSR)

Oh! Gift ideas! How about some stocking stuffers? I’m loving these little mummy earphone holders. Or, this Fight Club soap? These nifty foldable, zippable running shoes? For her, these leggings that measure how short her skirt is. And for him, this Cosplay Biker Scout. What? She’s stuffed in those stockings! Anyway, I bet he hasn’t been stuffed like that since grade school.

And for the restofus? This.

Speaking of Star Wars, check out this poster that leaves NO DOUBT as to who shot first. (FroDesign)

And for those of us already missing “Doctor Who,” here are some tantalizing rumors from the Moffat himself. (Bleeding Cool)

Patton Oswalt did a NO TEXTING promo for the Alamo Drafthouse. Suck it, tweet seaters.

And, finally, I don’t know how I missed this phenomenal article by one of my internet favs, Matt Patches on “The Speilberg Face.” Read it first. (UGO) Then check out this great video essay. Like Abrams and lens flare, I don’t think it’s something I’ll ever be able to unsee.

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