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Oh, Sh*t, They Tarred and Feathered Jennifer Lawrence!

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 15, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 15, 2012 |

If you’ve read the “Hunger Games” books, you know the “Mockingjay” or “bird motif” is pretty strong with this one. But there’s a thin line between “artful avian” (see: above) and “we stuck some limp and scraggly looking feathers on Jennifer Lawrence’s head…because it’s ART, that’s why.” Anyway, this photoshoot runs the gamut but at least it’s classier than the ones where she looks like she tripped into a vat of oil. Best of all, there’s finally something for hornithologists to drool over. Enjoy! (Celebitchy)

Listen, I love all of you, I do. But the minute you buy this bespoke, exorbitantly expensive wooden keyboard, we’re through. THROUGH. (Colossal)

Did you know that James Cameron almost directed Jurassic Park? In the words of Claire Danes “My only love sprung from my only hate!” Come to think of it, 1993 Cameron wasn’t all that bad. Jurassic Park would have been the meat in a True Lies and T2 sandwich and Cameron was still four years off from that bloated iceberg movie. (Den of Geek)

Former “Doctor Who” showrunner Russell T. Davies is unleashing a new sci-fi franchise on us with, uh, I sh*t you not, “Wizards vs. Aliens.” Only marginally better than Dinos on a Spaceship, Russ. (Bleeding Cool)

And because sometimes it’s the worst, Google has ruined 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon with a cheating cheat-y search engine for dirty cheaters. Hats off to Film School Rejects, though, for finding someone who was 4 links away from Bacon. Last night I couldn’t get any higher than 2…and I was plugging in super dead silent film stars. (FSR)

In case you were wondering, here’s the difference between an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 4s. Def. worth your money. (BioTV)

Ben Affleck goes ahead and blames his past on J. Lo. and compares himself to Barack Obama. At least that’s how I read it. Kevin Bacon flavored kisses for my Ben! (Celebitchy)

NPH recaps the plot of all 7 (seven!!) seasons of “How I Met Your Mother” in less than a minute. (EW)

Dustin breaks down the reasons why you should look forward to Season 3 of “Boardwalk Empire.” Fewer boobs? Really, Dustin? (WG)

Disney announced that they will now be serving adult beverages. Disney, I think you mean “We will now be serving adult beverages that didn’t come out of your hip flask, Joanna.” (Disney Blog)

Because I am all about fetishizing book ladies, here are ten awesome lady librarians and their kickass tattoos. You don’t f*ck around with a chick who has a Dewey decimal number on her body. (Mental Floss)

If ladies with tattoos ain’t your thang, maybe dudes with mohawks are. Check out this, the world’s tallest ‘hawk. Get that guy an iPhone 5. (Metro)

Finally: two skaters, one board. I would love love love to see the outtakes from this video.

Joanna Robinson does have a literary tattoo but she cannot skate more than one block without falling over.

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