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No Need To Try So Hard, January Jones, I Already Dislike You

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | April 7, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | April 7, 2011 |

Meep! And Bork! And all that jazz! A muppet fanatic took great pains to build this replica of the Palisades Muppet Theatre. The detailing is amaaaazing, even if you aren’t a huge muppet fan, you know, because you hate goodness and light and laughing and love. (Lance Cardinal)

Speaking of goodness and light, check out these photos of people playing, watching, and living cricket in several countries in South Asia. I only know one thing about cricket and even I was fascinated by these snaps. That one thing? “Sticky wicket.” (The Big Picture)

You know who’s got themselves in a bit of a sticky wicket? Our dumbass government. Did you know that if they shut down tomorrow, Congress will still be paid while all other government employees will be forced into an unpaid furlough? This article says, “That’s like eliminating the fire dept & sending checks to the arsonists.” (NYT)

In other terrabad news, an earthquake off the coast of Japan means the country is under another tsunami advisory. Seriously, Mother Nature, you’re a b*tch. (Boing Boing)

Speaking of b*tches, I almost didn’t post this January Jones link because ragging on her is a) too easy and b) maybe something I do too often? But come on, JJ, ” The bitches in high school were bitches because I was pretty.” COME ON. I know Emma Frost is meant to be a slag, but JJ’s continued dead-eyed, ice queen act is grating on me. Nice legs, though. (Celebitchy)

Would I like her more if she sprayed herself with bacon cologne? I might maybe would. Oh, also, it’s pronounced “bay-CONE.” Right, call me eye-gore. (Slate)

Sometimes I find the bay-cone fetishism a little excessive. You know what’s never excessive? Typophilia! Thanks to reader Patty O’Green, I think I have my Halloween costume lined up for next year. Oddly Compelling Typeface Mime! (The Atlantic)

I bet Tina Fey likes typography. She seems like she would. She didn’t mention it when she answered the Proust Questionnaire, though, just talked about her family and junk. Also? She’s pregnant and hosting SNL! Hormonal humor! (Warming Glow)

Here’s a fun time waster for all of you courtesy of jM. It’s an easy little movie game where they give you three image clues and you guess the title. Easy but fun, like jM. OH SNAP! (Veer)

Unreality breaks down the eight areas of technology that need advancing. I don’t know about the computer specific items, but I am very much with him on the fax machine issue. Never met a fax machine I didn’t hate. Also, can we invent touch screens that don’t show greasy smudgy fingerprints? My bay-cone-loving fingers and I thank you. (Unreality)

Oh! Do any history nerds read this thing? If so, this one’s for you. It’s an interactive conflicts map that shows the location of ALL the wars (maybe, I dunno) throughout ALL of time (possibly, who’s to say?). The interface is very cool and today I learned just how ill-advised it is to get involved in a land war in Asia. (Conflict History)

Speaking of conflicts, here’s a new “Torchwood” promo. I believe they’ve replaced all the sexing with gunplay. Also, the quality of this promo is bad. Very bad. Like, I shot this underwater off my crappy TV with my really old cell phone bad. But, a blurry Captain Jack is still a dreamy Captain Jack. (Bleeding Cool)

The quality of this one-take one-minute Godfather, on the other hand, is pretty tight. There are subtitles, so if you’re at your cube, you can still enjoy the frenetic, mobtacular fun.

As our government faces bi-partisan breakdown, here’s an inspiring video of Oregon’s State House coming together for a great cause. Namely, lolz.

Joanna Robinson would appreciate learning more about cricket. Her ignorance reflects poorly on her anglophilic aspirations. Drop her some tips via email or the Twitters

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