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Nicole Kidman Cast As The Effortlessly Elegant Grace Kelly

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | April 6, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | April 6, 2012 |

Longing for some “Arrested Development” goodness? I’m not bringing you promises of more episodes or a movie, but I do bring you a reunion of sorts. Jason Bateman and Will Arnett are pairing up for Morgan Spurlock’s documentary Mansome. I’m not a fan of twee portmanteaus*, but I’d watch these two groom themselves any day of the week. (/Film)

Speaking of Spurlock, his other new documentary opens this weekend. First of all, you can see my Steampunk friends in this supplementary trailer (hi guys!), secondly, it looks so flipping great. Just a good old fashioned dorkfest. (LAT)

Speaking of which, I’m a huge fan of this “Hunger Games” shirt. It’s like a word cloud only better, you guys. BETTER. (Shirtoid)

So, um, Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly. Thoughts? (Celebitchy)

This piece “in defense of ‘Fat Betty’ Draper [sic]” starts with the statement “the general consensus among critics is that this plot twist is unbearably cruel to both the actress and the character.” And I really don’t get that. Being fat is the cruelest thing you can do to someone? I honestly thought they were trying to make her more sympathetic. As in, “Look, ladies, Betty Draper eats her feelings just like you do sometimes.” I mean, it didn’t work. But I definitely thought that was the endgame. (Vulture)

Speaking of sprawlingly plotted TV shows, Cole Abaius has in interesting piece on why it’s impossible to compare film to television. (FSR)

The poster for Rian Johnson’s Looper debuted today to much fan-meh and hoop-blah. The disappointment and expectations were high because the poster for Brick was so damned gorgeous. (MovieLine)

Unreality has a list of six films of the modern era they now consider sci-fi classics. Is Looper destined to join this list? I’m excited to see the love for Moon and Sunshine. (Unreality)

Feel free to roll your eyes and move along, but I think this armored tank that distributes books is kind of brilliant. (Laughing Squid)

Speaking of brilliant bookish things, I know I sometimes say I “want” something that I post here, but I have literally already ordered a few of these bookends for my self/shelf. (Colossal)

10 TV questions that never got an answer. SO damn frustrating. “Battlestar Galacticaaaaaaaaaaaaa.” (io9)

Look who’s joining “Sons Of Anarchy” next season. Considering how they wasted Danny Trejo, I’m not holding out a lot of hope. (Warming Glow)

Check out these graphic representations of dead words. And then use one of them today. I dare you. (Dead Words)

Finally…listen, this kid is annoying. I’m not going to argue with that. He’s loud and shrill. That being said, his impression of every Supporting Actress winner in the history of the Academy Awards is sort of amazing. Come for the Whoopi Goldberg, stay for the Catherine Zeta Jones.

*damn dirty lie

Joanna Robinson would have said something about Nicole Kidman’s face, but she’s haunted and chastened by shades of Lara Flynn Boyle.

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