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Nice Gloss, Emu! People Magazine Votes Bradley Cooper Sexiest Man Alive

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 16, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 16, 2011 |

Please enjoy these weird little promos Matt Damon did for “Toilet Day.” This is for those of you who enjoy Political Damon as well as those of you who simply want to hear one of our finest actors say the word “diarrhea.” (Ad Week)

I dug up this interview with “Sons Of Anarchy“‘s Maggie Siff so I could have an excuse to talk about last night’s episode. SPOILERS OKAY? Okay. FOR REAL. (Her interview is good, too. She discusses the cuckoo bird Ophelia-esque Tara we’re just beginning to see.) Me? I’m excited for Opie (now a Horatio/Laertes hybrid). I thought Gemma was referring to Jackson as “the son” at the end of last week’s episode. But could she have meant Opie? OH JOY! (TVLine)

Okay, back to reality. Here is lovely little correspondence between Einstein and Gandhi. (Letters of Note)

The window dressers at this Eddie Bauer are either huge SNL fans, or idiots. (BioTV)

Check out this fantastic tumblr celebrating the innovation of some Thai flood victims. I’m going to start hoarding plastic water bottles now. (Thai Flood Hacks)

Apparently Paul Bettany is in a new play…with Megan Fox. Hmmm, and he’s letting his hair flop over his receding hairline in the hopes we don’t notice. It’s okay, Paul, we love you no matter what. Just to prove it to you, Paul, I’m going to watch A Knight’s Tale later. Now on Netflix Instant! (Celebitchy)

Mayor Bloomburg’s office has released a ransom photo of the Occupy Wall Street books that were confiscated yesterday. They’re safe! Yay! Cause, I mean, if you’re going to destroy books, you should at least make something pretty out of them. (Magic World Image)

It seems the “Doctor Who” film rumor may be just that, a rumor. I delight in Steven Moffat’s snarky response. (Gamma Squad) That didn’t stop the folks over at Den Of Geek from proposing some actors to fill out the Doctor’s coat. It’s not a bad list and I particularly approve of Laurie and Ejiofer. (Den Of Geek)

The internet swears to me this is a real Obama quote. But the internet has lied before.

Bust out the fancy grubs, our very own Emu has been name People’s Sexiest Man Alive. Why yes I did just google “What do Emus eat?” Thank you for noticing. (Entertainment Weekly)

Speaking of visual feasts, heres a fantastic cosplay gallery including TK and his lovely wife.* (Comics Alliance)

Finally, Mental Floss has selected a few photos from the annual National Geographic contest. I can’t believe the first one is real. (Mental Floss)

Speaking of photography, for all you amateurs out there, here’s a super nifty, no frills way to prevent camera shake.

And to make up for the dry content of that last video, here’s one packed to brim with whimsy. BEAUTIFUL CGI CIRCUS SNAILS.

Bave Circus from DuDuF on Vimeo.

*Not actually TK and his lovely wife.

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