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New Photospread Proves Christina Aguilera Doesn't Have To Look Like A Melty-Faced Paint Monster

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | June 16, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | June 16, 2011 |

Oh, my fabulous Firies and lovely Ludos. Are you in the LA area? Do you love opulent parties full of breathtaking costumes and fantastic performances? Well hie thee hence to buy tickets to the Labyrinth Ball. On of our beloved Pajibans helps organize this great event which, let’s see, how can I best describe it to you? Well, imagine that this bicycle were being peddled by a buxom lady…with fairy wings. Or, better yet, check out the website. (Labyrinth)

If you can’t make it to Labyrinth Ball this year, my ogling Hoggles, you can still take a gander at these buxom ladies. It’s the Best of Latex Cosplay. The Catwoman puts the ho in ho-hum, but sexy Mario I did NOT expect. (Unreality)

We all know I have been ruined by the rack of one Christina Hendricks. The reason I’m including this post, however, is to state, once again, that this is not an overweight woman. The rack is under wraps and she’s in fighting trim in a blazer, jeans, adorable glasses and, well, okay, ridiculously wind-blown hair. (Evil Beet)

The OTHER Christina, the melty-faced one, has done a stripped-down photospread for W. Oh, sure, Aguilera still has a pound of make-up on her face and she’s likely been photoshopped to hell, but isn’t it nice to see that she might maybe actually have pores? (Celebitchy)

Speaking of stripped-down (I know, I’m sorry), Rep. Anthony Weiner will be resigning from office because of this rid*culous scandal. How is it that we, as a culture, are somehow MORE puritanical than we were in the Clinton-era? Don’t we have better things to worry about? Color me appalled. (NPR)

Colour me appalled by the hockey riots in Vancouver last night. Slate has a good write-up of the night’s violent events, but I choose to remember it this way. (Gawker)

Speaking of sports, the cast of “The League” is ready to riot in regards to the NFL lockout. I love this show. (Warming Glow)

“The League” proves that, yes, even geeks like sports. In fact, what DON’T geeks like? Here’s an extensive diagram of “geek culture” which demonstrates that, at this point, the word “geek” is rather meaningless. To me it seems to mean “person who likes something/anything a lot.” (Nerd Approved)

Like, hey, Harry Potter geeks, wanna work yourself into a lather? Check out this countdown to JK Rowling’s new website where she promises to announce “something.” I hope she has nothing new to announce and just writes “LOL! JK!” (WSJ)

My favorite English ginger (who isn’t named Weasley), Prince Harry, will be returning to Afganistan to serve as an Apache pilot. I know we’re not supposed to like the Royals, but that’s fairly admirable, no? Not the WAR but the-nevermind, go ahead, hate him all you like. (The Guardian)

Speaking of airborne violence, check out this Great White Shark snatching his prey out of the sky. Take THAT, octopi. (National Geographic)

Ah, but nothing beats this predatory lioness trying to snack on a toddler. She keeps trying, bless her. Thanks, jM!

If that’s not enough to inspire fear in your wee, toddly ones, try this recording of Werner Herzog reading “Go The F*ck To Sleep.” I know Samuel L. Jackson is getting all the attention, but I think Herzog’s delivery is delightfully creepy.

Joanna Robinson is grateful the San Jose hockey team isn’t very good. After that National Geographic link, the thought of a Shark riot terrifies her.

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