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New Avengers Banners! And A Significantly Less Constipated Bruce Banner!

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 17, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 17, 2011 |

There are new Avengers banner ads out today. I don’t usually care about this sort of thing, but the first publicity still of Mark Ruffalo (above, on the right) was such an affront to his hotness that I want to broadcast this significant improvement. Also pictured are the rest of the crew including Hiddleston and Jackson. (/Film)

To all of you ‘muricans, what are your Thanksgiving plans? Are you cooking for tons of family? Eating Rice-A-Roni? My only job is to show up, make this Stuffing and drink all the things. If you’ve got more on your plate, the Awl has a handy countdown of what you should do in the next week to prepare. (The Awl)

This right here is the best Wilford Brimley/The Thing/diabetes cartoon you will see all day. (Left Brain Right Brain)

The Hollywood Foreign Press have hired Ricky Gervais back to host The Golden Globes next year. I guess negative attention is still attention, right? (FilmDrunk)

Flavorpill has 10 Famous Literary Characters And Their Real Life Inspirations. The real Tintin! (Flavorpill)

My sister was just telling me about these handsets you can plug into your mobile phones…so you can cradle the receiver against your shoulder and walk around hands free? Isn’t this why the good lord invented speakerphone? (Laughing Squid)

If I buy this “Lost”/”A Team” Teefury shirt today, it will be the second shirt I own with a cartoon Daniel Faraday on it. I am okay with this. (Teefury)

Speaking of beloved TV men with facial hair, in a fight between Jack Donaghy and Ron Swanson, my money’s on the mustache. (AV Club)

Rejects has the 8 Promised Movies That Still Haven’t Been Made And Might Never Be. Oh yeah, the Bluths are on there, but I’m much more interested in the Alice film. (Rejects)

NBC has commissioned a remake of “The Munsters.” While this sounds like it ought to be a terrible idea, I have a lot of faith in Bryan Fuller (“Pushing Daisies”). Also, Ron Perlman may be looking for work soon…(Warming Glow)

Oh god, look at this “Merging Famous Duos” photoshopping post at your peril. I’ll never be same after seeing that John McCain/Sarah Palin hybrid. (Unreality)

Finally, for those of you who love musicals, West Side Story celebrated its 50th anniversary this week. Slate has a cute round-up of comedians spoofing the Jets and the Sharks. (Slate) Also, the “Buffy” musical episode “Once More With Feeling” celebrates its 10th anniversary. TFE has a wonderful tribute. (The Film Experience)

This Carrie Fischer video may be a bit rambly and her plastic surgery face may be hard to look at but, essentially, she tells Shatner to kiss her Space Buns. Worth it. Some language NSFW.

Both jim and thesecondmouse sent me this British Holiday advert. Oh, yeah, it’s too early for this sh*t. But a) it’s adorable and b) you need to watch it to understand this magnificent parody video.

Joanna Robinson is so ready for the Holidays. She can’t even tell you.

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