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Neanderthal Ryan Gosling Freaks the Hell Out After Someone "Hey Babys" His Girlfriend

By Cindy Davis | Pajiba Love | April 2, 2013 |

By Cindy Davis | Pajiba Love | April 2, 2013 |

Hey Boy(s and Girls), maybe you should just chill. Pajiba Love will help you settle down, now…settle down.

A fashion photographer who had recently done a shoot with Eva Mendes spied the actress at the Bowery Hotel and yelled out, “Hey baby!”—which boyfriend, Ryan Gosling didn’t like at all. Gosling reportedly “flipped out and got in the guy’s face,” nearly coming to blows, if not for Mendes cooling things down. Sweet or stupid? (Celebitchy)

Perhaps Gosling should turn to the soothing sounds of the “Doctor Who” theme, as performed by Tesla coils (via io9):

Better yet, he should have discussed the matter with his highly intelligent feline counterpart; he might have laughed the whole thing off. (More hot men with copyCats at Buzzfeed)


Sometimes it can be relaxing to just go to the beach and play in the sand. Build a castle…or your favorite movie characters. (more at Gizmodo):




We’re not the only creatures who enjoy basking in the sun on a lounge chair. Some poor sea lion pup just wanted a little vacay, but apparently her credit card was denied. Rude! (HuffPo)

And she’s not the only sea lion who wants to party like people. Meet Roscoe, “The first non-human mammal to be able to keep a beat” (via The Verge):

When he’s done jamming to the smooth sounds of the Backstreet Boys, perhaps Roscoe should contemplate what he’d like to listen to in the afterlife. The “Catacombo” brings new meaning to the phrase “music to soothe your soul.” (Boing Boing)

If this pilot for “The Saint” starring Adam Raynor and Eliza Dushku abomination makes it to air, I may be needing one of those things. (Bleeding Cool)

I’m just a girl…so it’s a good thing there are people like Shia LaBeouf to explain how he and Alec Baldwin had “tension as men.” He probably wouldn’t like being called “baby,” either. As always, Letterman knows just how to bring out the best in people. (Vulture)

Manly men doing manly things (what is up, dudes?) seems to be the “in” thing. Yesterday, when Halle Berry, her daughter Nahla, and Olivier Martinez arrived at LAX to a swarm of paparazzi, Martinez defended his wimmenz by assaulting a photographer…twice. (Celebitchy)

There are still plenty of gentle men out there, so let’s wrap up with one of them. Neil Gaiman wrote a new poem to kick off National Poetry Month. (Tor)

Finally, here’s a glorious mash-up of street musicians performing the “Game of Thrones” theme. (via Warming Glow). Head over to WG to catch the autotune version of the GoT cast singing “The Queen and the King and Joffrey Hound.”

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)

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