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Naked Paul Bettany...It Really Never Gets Old

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | May 22, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | May 22, 2012 |

You might still be in a bit over-heated from that Chaucer header photo. (Yes, even you, Straight Dudes.) I don’t want you all flustered while reading today’s links so, to throw some ice cold water on your libidos, here are 6 Scarring Movie Love Scenes. In the case of the marvelous Teeth, the scarring is quite literal. (Unreality)

There’s been a lot of chatter here, there and everywhere about the firing of “Community” creator Dan Harmon. Dustin already covered my favorite reaction over on Warming Glow. But rather than a direct response, I thought I’d show you this, one of Harmon’s finest hours: a letter he wrote to Kelly Oxford’s young daughter after she was frightened by the film Monster House. Sure it’s got some of the off-putting Harmon trademarks, the fellow artist-bashing and the “I’m smarter and more specialer than anyone else in the world” language. But, overall, it’s sweet and my favorite thing to come to light out of this whole mess. (Kelly Oxford)

Speaking of sweetness, tamatha sent me this post from the creator of Animals Talking In All Caps tumblr. The dude has found himself in a sticky wicket and if you’ve ever enjoyed some of the massively entertaining free content he’s put up on the web, you might want to see if you can help him out in any way. Did I just internet panhandle you? I shore did. (Animals Talking In All Caps)

Hey! Look! Non-sex-quitur! SOcrates sent me this link about a young woman who was “fired for being too busty.” Honestly, I’m inclined to think she was fired for being an idiot, but we’ll see what Gloria Allred and the courts have to say about it. (NY Daily News)

I, for one, can’t wait to see what Nazi comedy Nick Offerman is working on that justifies his absolutely terrifyingly platinum beard. He looks like he sh*ts blonde. (Uproxx)

I won’t tell you which notoriously gruff new father sent me these adorable photos of kids in superhero gear, but given Dustin’s track record with comic books, I’m sure you can figure it out. (Growing Up Heroes)

Have you ever seen the original Disneyland costumes? They’re stitched together from your grimiest nightmares. (io9)

Airlines are now considering charging extra for window and aisle seats. Now, listen, I’m not sure overweight folks have a right to complain about feeling smushed because, in the broadest sense, there is something they can do about that. (Oversimplified, I know.) BUT SOME OF US ARE FREAKISHLY TALL, DAMNIT, AND NEED TO STRETCH OUR LEGS. God I despise air travel. (KTLA)

Cut yourself some asymmetrical bangs and wriggle into your skinniest jeans, Charlie Kaufman and Catherine Keener are working on a new comedy for HBO. Seriously, the girls of “Girls” ain’t quirked nothing yet. (WG)

Speaking of amazing projects on the horizon, how do all you Hook fans feel about a Rufio prequel movie? Personally, I won’t rest until we get a prequel entitled That’s Smee!. Seriously, I’m writing it right now. (MovieLine)

Speaking of lost boys, two ruffians in Brooklyn were running around shooting blow darts at random strangers. Someone’s been watching too much Jungle 2 Jungle. Em…is that reference too dated? Let’s try again. Someone’s been watching too much of that one episode of “Game of Thrones” this season where there was a blow dart. (Gothamist)

And while we’re on the subject of nifty spy gear, here are some vintage gadgets and gizmos (a-plenty). I want them all. (The Mary Sue)

Speaking of vintage…I’m not sure how they’re defining the word in this glorious tumblr (care of Mrs. Julien, who else?) but there are cravats, vests, and, as promised, naked Chaucer. (Vintage Dudes)

And speaking of something that never goes out of style, here’s a recent photo collection of our favorite accessory: Arm Candy Pacey. (GFY)

I’d like to tell you Joss Whedon’s singing is as extraordinary as his other gifts…but it isn’t. That being said, I would watch the man floss, I love him so. Floss, Whedon.

Finally, if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s Neil Gaiman’s stunning and inspiring commencement speech. If you’ve never read the man’s work, maybe this will push you over the edge.

Joanna Robinson is taking a break from “It’s Smee” to compose an ode to Paul Bettany. “He’s blonde, he’s pasty, his arse is probably tasty…” Needs some work. Email! Twitter!

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