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My Name is Kobayashi. I Work for Keyser Söze.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 3, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 3, 2011 |

In light of the titillating Mila Kunislingus in Black Swan, Movieline ranks the classiest and trashiest lesbian scenes in cinematic history. Oh yes, last place is exactly what I hoped it would be. (Movieline)

Are you playing QRANK yet? You really ought to, it scratches that persistent smartier than thou itch a lot of us suffer from. Here’s an oblique hint for today’s game: The film “Unchained” is about a prison break. Become a QRANKhead, resistance is futile. (QRANK)

The number one thing I wish I had gotten for Christmas, “Doctor Who” matryoshka dolls. The woman who made these, and they’re incredible, is not selling them but my hope is that if I release a slavering horde of Pajibans on her, she might be break…er relent…er see reason. I want them! (Molly23’s Twitter Feed)

On the off chance that you don’t read xkcd religiously, and you don’t, like I do, wait a week or so to check the site so a few build up and you can get a big dose all at once so the geekery and the humor can flood your system, um, here’s the latest. Welcome to the club. (xkcd)

Here’s a gorgeously written review of Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Best line: “Nicki Minaj stands in front of the album cover’s grand red curtain, playing an omniscient narrator, then later shows up as a monster in the dark, mirroring West’s journey from unsuspecting hero to public villain.” (AudioSuede)

Here are Tarantino’s favorite films from 2010. I have to say, the last film on his list, Enter the Void, had me intrigued until I saw it was by the director of Irreversible. That’s not a film viewing experience I’m eager to repeat. (The Film Experience)

So that kid with the haircut and that vaguely Latina girl from the Disney channel (no, not the one in rehab, the other one) spent New Years frolicking together in bathing suits. Trust me, this is a big deal. . .like when Britney dated Justin or Brad dated Gwyeneth or Anthony Michael Hall dated Molly Ringwald or Frankie dated Annette (they didn’t) or Antony dated Cleopatra…just, trust me, it’s important to someone. (Just Jared)

Think Geek is having a big sale. I, for one, am eyeballing these Star Trek onesies for my nephew. Which color, you ask? The red shirt, naturally. (Think Geek)

My least favorite Arquette, ex-husband of my least favorite Friend, checked into rehab. I’m trying to muster some concern. Failing. (Socialite Life)

Well, the bad news is that we are, as a nation, watching more television than ever before. The further bad news is that we, as a nation, still have pretty poor taste. The good news, however, is it looks like Daniel Dae Kim will get to keep living the good life in Oahu. Love ya, Chewy, still won’t watch your horrible new show. (Warming Glow)

This week’s Pajiba Masthead tagline compliments of Paultera.

As we already reported, the lovely Pete Postlethwaite passed away this morning after a long fight with cancer. Here’s one of my favorite Postlethwaitian speeches…just soak in his gorgeous voice until your fingers get all pruney.

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