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Mueller Might Interview Trump: I Wanna Be In The Room Where It Happens

By Ursula Scully | Pajiba Love | October 12, 2017 |

By Ursula Scully | Pajiba Love | October 12, 2017 |

Housekeeping Note: I’m taking over Pajiba Love on Thursdays because Lainey is busy knitting sweaters. Also, our Lainey is not the same Lainey as the Lainey Gossip Lainey. OK? Clear? Let’s do this.

As a signal of cooperation, Trump’s lawyers say that they are open to the idea of Trump sitting down with Robert Mueller. Can you even imagine? He’d incriminate himself immediately. (Politico)

Steven Seagal, a vile man with a history of sexual assault allegations, is hopefully the next harasser to go down. We’re gonna take you to the bank. (Newsweek)

Another fantastic story that Hollywood should moviefy: Elizebeth Friedman, Wartime Codebreaker. (Mental Floss)

Diet avocados? DIET AVOCADOS?! Aww hell no. (Lainey Gossip - NOT OUR LAINEY, CAPICHE?)

These paper cutout photos are the best. THE BEST! (5Things)

Angelina Jolie wore a giant blanket to a premiere and this is a fashion trend I am 100% behind. (Celebitchy)

Do you hate iOS 11? I sure do! The podcast app is a disaster and I’m having serious battery drainage issues. This step helps with the latter, I’m still working out the former. (Quartz Media)

Prince as Hogwarts professor? What a missed opportunity! (Tor)

A nine-year-old girl found a sassy white pantsuit to wear to her First Communion, but of course of course of course, her Catholic school told her she couldn’t wear it. Oh come onnnn, already. (Teen Vogue)

Yara Shahidi’s outfit for Glamour’s International Day of the Girl is aces. (GFY)

Do you have any irrational fears you can’t get over? Mine is the supervolcano under Yellowstone. I guess it’s much closer to erupting than previously thought. Jolly. (USA Today)

Bourdain does not mince words when it comes to Yelpers. Cheers to that. (Eater)

In 2011 Jason Momoa made a joke about rape. I don’t think we live in a universe where joking about rape will ever be funny. So maybe let’s just not attempt it, yes? (Dlisted)

Which The Walking Dead character (or characters) are most likely to die in season 8? Dustin runs down the odds. (Uproxx)

These imagined IQ test questions and answers from Donald Trump are probably very accurate. (McSweeney’s)

Marshawn Lynch, of the Oakland Raiders, said that Serena Williams playing while pregnant was an “unfair advantage”. But not in the way you think. (Excelle Sports)

Linkin Park shot an episode with Carpool Karaoke before Chester Bennington’s death and ouch, this one still hurts. (Rolling Stone)

25 famous women reveal their strangest habits. Amy Poehler likes to snoop through people’s homes. She is welcome to snoop through mine whilst I make her waffles. (The Cut)

A Maryland-sized hole has reappeared in Antarctica. This time, it’s definitely aliens. (Business Insider)

Nominations for American Music Awards came in today and not a single woman was nominated for Artist of the Year. Sigh. (Nylon)

Mikki Blu was delighted to find an author with a back-list to explore. Deanna Raybourn introduces her new Victorian heroine, Veronica Speedwell, in A Curious Beginning. In this first entry to a new series, the intrepid adventuress/lepidopterist and a mysterious natural scientist go on the run while they try to unravel a murder and death threats against Veronica. Who are your favorite literary heroines? (Cannonball Read 9)

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