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Mila Kunis: Manic Sexy Dream Girl

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 21, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 21, 2011 |

Have you seen our new logo? Have ya? Hunh hunh? Its gorgeous sexiness comes to us via jM (design) and MM (words). Thanks, chicas!!!

Please read this fantastic article on the vile Whitney Cummings and her two “contributions” to this year’s weirdly passive-regressive television line-up. Even if you haven’t seen a single second of either “Whitney” or “Two Broke Girls” (lucky you), Nussbaum’s writing is worth your time. “Most of the time it feels as if Whitney had torn out every article in Cosmopolitan, chewed them up like a hamster, and built a nest.” (New Yorker)

I love hot, funny women and I hate that Cummings allegedly “stands for that.” Speaking of hot, funny women I adore, Mila Kunis, like Justin Timberlake before her, attended the Marine Corps Ball. She showed up, looked demure and pretty and went home without feeling the need to issue an oily, disingenuously gushy statement about her experience. That’s why girls rule and boys drool. (Celebitchy)

Check out this super drool-worthy book/switch. You know the kind that usually activate a rad rotating bookcase/secret passage? You can have one of your own! You can just use it as a light switch! (Uncrate)

In one of those super odd “Why Would I Ever Want This!?… .Um…But Now That It Exists I Must Hear It” Projects, some enterprising young man has smushed every Beatles single together into one giant track. Mostly it sounds like static with occasional, familiar chords wafting out. (Sound Cloud)

Speaking of familiar chords, the old school music is intact in this Tetris game you can play online. What may not remain intact is your lunch given that in this version, the whole screen moves, not the pieces. Thanks for that case of vertigo, superasente! (First Person Tetris)

Okay, I went to UC Davis as an undergraduate, so the images and videos that have been circulating this weekend depicting shockingly casual brutality on the part of the Davis PD have me completely emotional and reactionary. I’m going to try to stay relatively objective and tell you that I think this eyewitness account, this fascinating piece on how the incident may serve as a fulcrum and, finally, the eerily silent protest outside Chancellor Katehi’s office are all worth your time this morning.

Okay, nonsensical and crass palate cleanser anyone? Bierce Ambrose sent me this piece about some fellas who have published a book about the things people get stuck up their butts. Buck up, struggling writers, if this can get published, so can you. (Bro Bible)

Speaking of great literature, check out Carey Mulligan in her Daisy Buchannan hair/costume on the set of The Great Gatsby. That dress is phenomenal. (The Film Experience)

You thought you were upset that Bradley Cooper was named Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine? Salon got so upset they invented a bunch of guys to make up their own list. Okay, FINE, they’re not invented, I just haven’t heard of most of them. Except Bon Iver…rock me with your tremulous falsetto. (Salon)

“Empire” (one of my favorite movie magazines) has an interesting piece comparing elements from the Whedonverse to The Avengers. Ummmm, shiny things? (Empire)

Speaking of the Whedonverse, Geekboy press has a series of great “Firefly,” “Battlestar Galactica” and “Doctor Who” shirts. For all our “nobody understands my humorous t-shirt” needs. (Geekboy Press)

It may be worse, however, to have a tattoo that nobody understands. Here is a series of highly scientific tattoos. I don’t need to understand it to know that neural net tattoo is gorgeous. (PopSci)

While we’re on the subject of geeky tattoos, check out this Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem shoulder ink. I don’t care what Dustin says, Janice is *not* the worst muppet. (Scotch Trooper)

I somehow missed that Bret McKenzie from “Flight of The Conchords” was the composer for the new muppet film. Now I’ll be waiting the whole movie for a Jemaine cameo.

Finally, the artist Kyle Lambert (creator of this amazing Joker portrait) has drawn actress Rooney Mara’s transformation into Lisbeth Salander with ONE FINGER. On the iPad. Check it out.

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