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Mel Gibson Continues To Peddle His Crazy Like It's Going Out Of Style

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | April 19, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | April 19, 2012 |

Happy Thursday my beloved Mistresses Of The Dark and Masters Of Suspense. Here’s our first look at Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock. It’s…jowltastic? Jowlmazing? Jowlmahzing? (Evil Beet)

Let me know whether or not you agree with these 9 Ways Facebook Has Changed Our Lives. Personally, I’m more likely to give people the ol’ thumbs up. (Mental Floss)

Speaking of non-rude hand gestures, apparently today is National High Five Day. I’m pretty sure you can guess who Pop Candy chose to be the day’s patron saint. (Pop Candy)

Me? I’d have gone with the classic:

I’m still not over the Pulitzer Fiction snub from earlier in the week. But I read this list of famous novels that were also snubbed and, well, I guess they’re doing okay for themselves.
(One Minute Book Reviews)

The ever helpful and bewhiskered Neil Miller pointed me towards this new site which is, officially, movie minutia nerd heaven. It’s a collection of digital features and behind the scene looks at your favorite films. Go ahead, watch all day, your boss won’t mind. (DigiTitles)

Speaking of Beard-os, Jon Hamm has grown a rather impressively bushy beard. I’m pretty sure that’s in violation of the contract he made with the Devil when he was blessed (damned?) with that lantern jaw. (Tom & Lorenzo)

Check out the fantastically geeky art world of Hillary White. Of all her fun and funky mash-ups, I think I enjoy “The Best Supper” the most. (Geek Art)

This smile-inducing link comes from our very own Smokin. Three reasons why these country lovin’ pastors are pro-gay. Um…because it’s fabulous? Duh? (Upworthy)

Mondo has released two awesome posters for that little-known indie sleeper, The Avengers which opens in just a few weeks. The Hawkeye design is below and the refreshingly un-boobtastic Black Widow poster is after the jump. (Mondo)

To counteract the lack of Johansson boob above, here’s my new favorite site and before you get all het up about it, know that a few of my friends are on there (yes I’m that kind of dork) and they couldn’t be prouder. (Ren Faire Boobs)

I would read this book. I would read this book all day long. (Nerd Approved)

Speaking of out of control madmen, Mel Gibson has been recorded babbling his rage-feuled nonsense again. Must be a Thursday. (FD)

I generally prefer my madmen with a box. Speaking of which, scientists have invented a sonic screwdriver. That’s a thing from “Doctor Who” for all you hold-outs who haven’t managed to watch the show in, oh, the past 49 years. (The Mary Sue)

January Jones ate her baby’s placenta. Whoa, Bam-a-lam. Okay, yes fine, many women do this. But should they? (The Skeptical OB)

There’s been a lot (a ton…gallons even) of ink spilled over the past few days surrounding the controversial new HBO show “Girls.” Someone checked in with renowned feminist Gloria Steinem to get her take…read her fantastically cutting response here. (Vulture)

And, finally, a lovely writer over at Feministing rebuts Katie Roiphe’s preposterous Newsweek article point by point. Seriously, tie me up, tie me down, but don’t tell me what that means for all of womankind. (Feministing)

Finally, what would Facebook look like if it were invented in the 90s? Answer: Totally Tubular.

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