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Lord Queen Meghan McCain of House MyFather Demands to Speak to the COVID Vaccine's Manager

By Mike Redmond | Pajiba Love | February 22, 2021 |

By Mike Redmond | Pajiba Love | February 22, 2021 |


In what has to be her most mayo, Karen-est move ever, Meghan McCain flipped the hell out on Dr. Fauci today because she, a very important talk show host who squawks in Whoopi Goldberg’s ear four days a week, still has no idea when she’ll get the COVID vaccine. Never mind the fact that Meghan is a young, healthy 35-year-old woman who bills herself as a political analyst and therefore should have a pretty good idea how the tiered rollout works, she wants Fauci f*cking fired right now. Also, he said you still have to wear a mask after you get the shot, and like, are you serious? How is she supposed to do Jeller shots down by the crick and go pew-pew-pew with her machine gun if she has to wear a mask for two minutes inside the bait shop? This is AMERICA, the land of white, blonde beer heiresses doing whatever they want because THEIR FATHER John McCain ditched his first wife, after she was in a car accident, for their mom. OK?! (Uproxx)

Gwyneth Paltrow thinks face masks are a trend she started, and not, you know, a public safety measure. Did the Entitlement Olympics start this week? WTF? (Lainey Gossip)

Lucy Hale and Dollar Store Johnny Depp who got the last laugh because he aged better than Johnny Depp are a thing. (Dlisted)

Trump is announcing he’s the presumptive 2024 nominee at CPAC. Oh, good. (Celebitchy)

No surprises here. A Pennsylvania cop has been arrested for participating in the insurrectionist attack on the Capitol. (The Root)

I roll my eyes at a lot of the Disney criticism out there because a lot of times it’s elitist, performative horseshit, but this is a bit much even for me. (io9)

Did you love the old Monkey Island point-and-click games from LucasArts? Here’s the story about the movie that almost happened, but then Steven Spielberg changed his mind and thought the whole thing should literally be about monkeys. (Polygon)

Wait, Harry Shearer was still voicing Black characters on The Simpsons even after Hank Azaria stopped? Wow… (IndieWire)

George Clooney is producing a docuseries on the Gym Jordan Ohio State abuse scandal. Drag his ass, George. (THR)

And, f*ck it, let’s make it a two-fer. This thread on Meghan McCain’s latest hairstyles as dessert is a goddamn treat. (Twitter)

Longtime Cannonballer, NTE, is returning with a review of 5 books in the a kids book about… series. "Each of these books is going to be an essential resource for the parents & kids in my life, and if I was still teaching, I would immediately have requested as many as possible for my classroom." Are there books you recommend for kids and caregivers in working through difficult topics? (Cannonball Read 13)

Welp, if you want to know how Elizabeth Olsen is so great at channeling years of trauma in WandaVision, take a look at this pile of holy (who signed off on this) shit.

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