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Megan Fox Adorably Proves She Hasn't Had Botox. Yes, You Heard Me, I Said Adorably.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 8, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 8, 2011 |

Happy Friday my flavorful fajitas. I want to be very clear about something, lest you get the wrong idea, I love tacos. I think they’re the best. But I would have to be VERY drunk to eat at Taco Bell (or Taco Town for that matter). That’s why I think Wi-Fi at Taco Bell is a terrible idea. Because while drunkenly consuming a double deep fried gordita sounds gross, drunktweeting about it sounds even grosser. (End Gadget)

That tech link was sent to me by branded on this It Takes A Village People Friday. He also sent me this riddikulus wand remote. Seriously, I’m stupefied. (Think Geek)

Speaking of Harry Potter, Dan Carlson pointed out this amazing comic which breaks down each book in the series (hogwarts and all). There are spoilers if you haven’t read the last book…why haven’t you read the last book? (Lucy Lou)

Similarly, the incomparable Pinky McLadybits sent me this massive “Game of Thrones” map. There may be spoilers, but I didn’t really see any. Mostly, because I’ve only watched the show and not read the books, I was impressed with the level of detail but baffled by its meaning. Why haven’t you read the books, Joanna? (The Daily What)

Speaking of minutiae, check out these intricate Star Wars carvings made from vegetables. I want to eat that little Yoda up, I love him so. (Sushi Chef Japan)

And while we’re on the subject of visually pleasing foodstuffs, The Pink Hulk sent me this drool-worthy link for an Ohio-based gourmet ice cream company. Don’t worry non-Ohoooovians (why did I type that?), I’m sure you have something comparable nearby, but I’m including the link for the food porn-tastic video on this company’s website. You’ll never look at a blackberry the same way again. [ETA: Apparently you can order this crack online. Holy H*ll.] (Jeni’s Ice Cream)

I think I wrote “Ohoooovians” because I have Doctor Who and my fellow Whovians on the brain. jM sent me a link for these fingerless TARDIS gloves. (Etsy)

Which reminds me, my friend Tam was supposed to knit me a little stuffed TARDIS ages ago. I’ll forgive her the lollygagging because today she sent me this. (Emotions With Jon Hamm)

Speaking of facial expressions, the much maligned (by me) Megan Fox took to the internets to prove she hasn’t had botox. Listen, I’m glad to know she can frown. She can’t act, but she can frown. So that’s nice. Celebitchy goes on to prove that Fox has had some manner of work done but I don’t honestly care. Do whatever you want to your face, Ms. Fox. I only care about plastic surgery when it prevents a talented (or at least charming) actor from being able to work. MEG RYAN I MISS YOU. (Celebitchy)

I also miss Jim Henson. So much. This new San Francisco bar is doing nothing to fill the Henson-shaped hole in my heart because even though it’s called Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, it actually has nothing to do with the muppets. It’s up to you now, Jason Segel. (Grub Street)

Speaking of muppets, “Aurora Borealis/ Shining down on Dallas” is probably one of the neatest lyrics of all time. The AV Club, on the other hand, has amassed a list of The Worst Lyrical Rhymes In Popular Music. I nominate a-ha’s excruciatingly awkward “Shying away/ I’ll be coming for you love, okay?”(AV Club)

Oh, the 80’s, I miss you. The Pink Hulk sent me this adorable link which he called “old school.” I mean, it’s not Angelfire/Hello My Future Girlfriend old school, but it’ll do. (The Best Page In The Universe)

The lovely Siege sent me this typographical Jonathan Coulton video. I love BOTH of those things.

Dan Carlson sent along this great violin cover of the “Game of Thrones” theme.

But my favorite video of the day is one the wakeful snuck in under the wire. It’s most recent Sagan Series video celebrating this morning’s launch of Atlantis (last shuttle launch ever). It’s good. Very good.

Joanna Robinson wants you little soul surfers to know that you don’t have to wait until It Takes A Village People Friday to send her hot links. You can do that anytime via Email or Twitter.

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