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Meet The Only Straight Girl In America Who Doesn't Want To Sleep With Jon Hamm

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 6, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 6, 2012 |

Apparently a pseudo-sequel to Mean Girls is in the works. The movie, Mean Moms, would follow a sweet suburban mom who discovers that little has changed from the Queen Bee high school dynamic. So, yes, I think we all know which 25-year-old who looks like a 45-year-old would be perfect for the part. (FSR)

On the other hand, some women in Hollywood seem to be doing keg stands from the Fountain of Youth. Our beloved and eternally teenaged Kristen Bell (she of Mars snark and sloth meltdown fame) has been cast as the “lead” in the Disney adaptation of my favorite Han Christian Anderson story, “The Snow Queen.” Some sites have been speculating that Bell will voice the Queen, but I think we all know her little chipmunk voice is better suited for Gerda, the plucky girl who tracks down her missing best friend. The chicas over at The Mary Sue agree with me. (The Mary Sue)

Speaking of plucky women, check out these rad images from women working during World War II. (Buzzfeed)

And if the real thing doesn’t do it for you, then enjoy this lovely image of Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope in full on Rosie The Riveter regalia. (Vulture)

What with all the slut-shaming, nudie photo leaking and homophobia sluicing around the internet recently, I’ve been contemplating a full-on unpluggening. Anyone want to join me in this mother*cking kickass tree house? No boys allowed. (Carnival Of The Random)

Unless they’re boys who read and agree with this “Time” piece. Then climb on up, gents. (Time)

Apparently, being brain damaged makes you a better gambler. (Neatorama) So I suggest we take these 25 mentally injured individuals to Vegas. If they honestly believe Obama put a hit out on Andrew Breitbart, we are going to make a killing at the Craps table. (Buzzfeed)

Jon Hamm, you know, he of the lantern jaw, impeccable comedic timing and confirmed monogamy, is a walking dream for straight ladies and gay dudes alike. Don Draper is. . .not quite the same perfect package. That doesn’t prevent the ladies from flinging their 60s mod underwear at Draper’s head any chance they get. But Hamm has sworn that he and Elisabeth Moss’s Peggy Olsen will never, nevah sleep together. You go Peggy. (Celebitchy)

Speaking of 1960s heartthrobs, I could watch Adam West run away from things all day. (Uproxx)

IFC has a really confusing list of Actors To Watch in 2012. These actors, they claim, are not already household names. Really? I’d bet the average person knows Jennifer Lawrence better than they know Elizabeth Olsen. But, well, point taken, these 10 performers are about to have one hell of a year. YOU GO TIM RIGGINS. TEXAS FOREVER. (IFC)

Artist Kiersten Essenpreis has crafted a loving tribute to Mitch Hedberg with these minimalistic wood etchings of her favorite quotes. I would have gone with an escalator joke. Sorry for the convenience. (22 Words)

Would you like to spend seven minutes in heaven with Paul Rudd? Of course you would.

Finally, jM sent me this video because she’s a bit of a design nerd. I loved it because I’m a bookshop nerd. So if you like design, bookshops, plummy British accents, history, happy accidents, internet memes or paper lanterns, then you’ll surely love this video on the origin of the “Keep Calm And Carry On” poster.

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