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McGregor, McHale and Fassbender? Stop Digging, You've Hit Shit-Eating Grin Gold.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 9, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 9, 2011 |

Behold, one of the most endearing couples costumes I have ever seen. Why? a) Because it’s Jurassic Park themed and b) because it makes the most sense in motion, and so they motioned, a lot. Sidebar: Do you think they made that JP jeep? Or can it be purchased? If it can be purchased, why do I not already own one? I would drive it down to get my mail every day. (io9)

When I was little, I used to tear the Classic Hollywood portraits out of my copies of “Vanity Fair” and plaster them on my wall. Knowing my weakness for glamour, the wonderful Bierce Ambrose sent me this comprehensive gallery of Classic Hollywood photos which includes some of my childhood faves. (The Chive)

My weakness for glamour is surpassed only by my weakness for grammar. Captain Tuttle sent me this often groan-worthy list of 7 Bar Jokes Involving Grammar and Punctuation. (McSweeney’s)

Ah, yes, that dovetails nicely into these two typography links. The first is undeniably gorgeous as it features Pajiba fav Ryan Gosling talking fonts. (Ryan Gosling Typography) The second is fascinating and distressing. An Asian art student created a font made of leg hair. Actual leg hair. Wait, I thought Asians didn’t have leg hair! (Asiajin)

Was that racist? I’m sorry. I’m just really jealous. I loathe waxing/shaving. Being a girl is hard, y’all. Um, but also being a girl is awesome because check out these Girl Scout Cookie flavored Lip Smackers. Someone get me a vat of Thin Mint. Stat! (Yahoo Shine)

Ah, but being a girl ain’t all lip balm and leg wax, check out this preposterously cool Joan of Arc suit of armor some lady crafter made out of cardboard and bicycle tubes. You can see more badass photos (ohh, the elbow piece) and an explanation of her technique here. (Craftster)

Oh, that was a lot of lady talk, right fellas? Well here’s one for you. Amanda Marcotte over at the phenomenal “Good Men Project” has a great piece on “How To Make A Critically Acclaimed TV Show About Masculinity.” I think it’s a magnificent companion piece to Dustin’s Rita Bennett Problem. (Good Men Project)

Speaking of TV’s finest leading men, People Magazine has a “Sexiest Men Alive” feature the highlights some of our favorite TV comedians. (Ty Burrell, Joel McHale.) Unfortunately, you have to “like” their stupid Facebook page to view it, but it’s worth it for the McHale. Trust me. (Facebook)

Speaking of McHale, he got to interview my first love (McGregor) and my current obsession (You Already Know Don’t Pretend) as well as Steven Soderbergh and the badass Gina Carano about Haywire. Seriously, McHale? McGregor? Fassbender? Those cats ate ALL the canaries. (Celebitchy)

Speaking of great directors (Soderbergh, remember? Focus, people.), check out this fantastic piece on David Fincher in “Vanity Fair.” It was written by Aaron Sorkin so, yeah, I’d say it’s worth a read. (Vanity Fair)

And one of my favorite directors, Cameron Crowe, has released the poster for his upcoming We Bought A Zoo. It’s so pretty it almost makes me forget about Scarlett Johansson’s involvement. Almost. (The Uncool)

I thought that TARDIS baby was awesome, but he’s got nothing on Arthur here. Arthur’s mum and dad have had him reenact several famous movie scenes. Rear Window actually made me howl. (Arthur Recreates)

We’re still dealing with the fallout from Brett Ratner’s epic verbal diarrhea. (Please read TK’s scathing takedown.) I don’t know why I can’t take Ratner and his apology seriously. Maybe it’s because he’s got such a history of flaming douchebaggery? Dan Harmon’s (sort of) apology for last week’s “Community” however, warms my gay-loving heart. Thanks, Pooter. (Dan Harmon Poops)

But back to Ratner. The wonderful Adam Pally from “Happy Endings” (Steak Me Home Toniiiight!) whipped up this little Ratner video for Funny Or Die. It’s not the most hilarious impression I’ve ever seen, but I just love me some Pally and the physical resemblance is fairly uncanny.

Brett Ratner’s Video Apology - watch more funny videos

Joanna Robinson wants to thank everyone for wishing her dad well. She didn’t mean to get so squishy about it! She promises to be back to her black-hearted self real soon-like. Twitter! Email!

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