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Matthew McConaughey Designed His Own *ssless Chaps. Because Of Course He Did.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | April 26, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | April 26, 2012 |

Our beloved overlord Seth sent this my way, and I have to admit it’s pretty great. Everyone’s 80s crush, Molly Ringwald, answers your burning questions on one of those Reddit AMAs (“ask me anything”). She get a good subtle dig at Woody Harrelson while she’s at it. (Reddit)

Speaking of Woody, were you aware he dated Glen Close back in the 90s? Of course you were. But I’m not sure you were aware of all these 90s couple. Especially, ahem, good ol’ Doogie Howser. (Buzzfeed)

io9 has a comprehensive list of Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movies That “Could” Rock Your Summer. Heavy emphasis on the “could” there. (io9)

What’s that high-pitched whiny sound? Why it’s the dulcet tones of this Bon Iver Erotica tumblr. Share it with your favorite fixie-riding cutie. (Bon Iver Erotica)

Man, actors keep piling on the hate for season two of “Downton Abbey.” This one
otter be ashamed. OH YES I WENT THERE. (Vulture)

Okay, listen, I didn’t hesitate for a second to include this link which involves a gruesome photo of Elephant innards. I mean, I know some of you are sensitive, and I thought about that but…then…ELEPHANT INNARDS. (BoingBoing)

Speaking of massive mammals, check out this Hungry Hungry Hippos poster. Tell me you wouldn’t see this movie. (TDW)

Did this week’s episode of “Game Of Thrones” go one antlered scepter too far? Some folks think so. (WG)

Speaking of torture porn, check out this tattoo which I am reasonably sure is real. (FG)

We now have concrete proof of something I’ve long suspected: Tina Fey is an insanely awesome charades player. She will be my best friend…oh yes, she will be mine. (Uproxx)

How do you think the conversation on the Magic Mike set went? Something along the lines of, “Mr. Soderbergh, I think today’s scene would be a good opportunity for my pants to have no *ss in them.” Sounds about right. (Celebitchy)

Speaking of McConaughy, he may get older, but shirtless jokes are ageless. This is a fantastic video (sent to me by the lovely replica) wherein some African youths mock Hollywood stereotypes, including a tremendous little jab at Magic Matt.

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