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Magazine Names Most Beautiful Woman in the World, Reminds Us Once Again that Beauty is Only Skin Deep

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | April 25, 2012 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | April 25, 2012 |

Like many of us, Lady Cora was not down with season two of “Downton Abbey.” It won’t keep us from season three, however. “Downton” is like crack for the NPR-set. (Vulture)

What theme song tops the Definitive List of the 20 Worst Theme Songs of All Time? Well, the worst one, obviously. (WarmingGlow)

It’s birthday week over on STFU Parents, and this is what I’ve learned from it: Parents are MONSTERS when it comes to their kid’s birthday. Put away the ponies, jackasses. Your kid is only going to play with the wrapping paper anyway. Kid’s birthdays are about the kid, not about SHOWING OFF TO YOUR FRIENDS. That said, would it kill you to serve beer at your kid’s birthday party? If there’s one time it’s needed, it’s then. (STFU Parents)

People Magazine names the World’s Most Beautiful woman. Of course, she had an entire hospital wing shut down, preventing parents from seeing their babies IN THE NICU so she could deliver a baby that she would immediately trademark and exploit for commercial purposes, but if we’re assuming in this case that beauty is only skin deep, I won’t disagree with the choice. (Dlisted)

You guys eat Kashi cereal? I have to say, you really seem like Kashi people: Eating crappy cereal to feel better about your health. Well, guess what? Kashi is TERRIBLE for you. Go back to Lucky Charms. Live like Fat Kilmer! (Buzzfeed)

Fat Kilmer would also appreciate this: Wendy’s is adding mac and cheese and chili-cheese fries to its menu. FACT: Wendy’s chili is just a big pot of all the leftovers. (The Impulsive Buy)

On the subject of fast food, Burger King is switching over to cage-free eggs. That’s great, except won’t anyone think of the cage industry? (Reuters)

What do video games teach us about marriage? Why get married when you could be slaying dragons! Exac … wait. What? (Kotaku)

You thought Obama slow jamming the news was cool? Add this to the Coolest President of All Time file. (Uproxx)

Man, I do appreciate it when the gossip blogs take a break from nasty snarking and write flattering things, such as this post glowing about Jennifer Garner post-pregnancy (although, the URL suggests the first draft of the post wasn’t as flattering). (Celebitchy)

24 Frames Per Second, 48 fps? Can the average person actually tell the difference? I mean, really? Apparently so, as critics were not a fan of the 48 fps clips they saw of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. (FilmDrunk)

Our friends over at Unreality give a shout-out to the six best performances from … zombies. (Unreality)

Here’s an interesting pie chart breaking down the amount of time employed parents 25-54 spend their hours each day. 7.6 hours for sleep? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. The average person can go screw. (The Daily Beast)

Every jackass on the Internet (including myself!) has a take on HBO’s “Girls.” Over on the AV Club, they’re sniping because “white person” is being increasingly used pejoratively. You know what? I think white people can handle it. (The AV Club)

Piggy-backing on Dan’s “Don’t Live-Tweet TV” post the other day, Choire Sicha asks “Why do journalists live-tweet news events?” Is there any money in it? It seems to just distract from their actual jobs. (The Awl)

If you haven’t caught it yet, do listen to Joanna’s “Game of Thrones” podcast with Dave Chen. JoRo offers to buy Dave his very own prostitutes, which is a lot more fun if you know Dave. (Slashfilm)

The Alamo Drafthouse is running a Summer of 1982 Film series, and a lot of our movie blog colleagues are co-hosting a movie. The Road Warrior is being hosted by one of our favorite movie blogs, Film School Rejects. Our Austin-area readers should check it out. Tell them Pajiba sent you. Then pants yourself. They’ll understand. (FSR)

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