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"Mad Men" Better Get Back On The Air Soon. I'm Running Out Of Excuses To Post Christina Hendricks' Rack.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 5, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 5, 2011 |

Good morning my darlings! I’m going to lead off with my favorite bit of linky goodness. I present to you, Attack Of The Clones as nature intended. Oh nature, you always find a way. (Super Punch)

Speaking of DNA, an art student has made a dress out of condoms. No word of a lie? It’s sort of cute. (Oddity Central)

Speaking of cute clothing, tamatha and I urge you to read this piece on a group of prisoners who have taken up knitting. Click through for the darling photos of them in their caps. I want to make them shirts that say “Get Busy Knitting, Or Get Busy Dyeing.” Too twee? (GOOD)

Speaking of dye, check out these Top Ten Film Tattoos. Is this where I confess that I often quote Dude Where’s My Car? Sweet. (Flavorpill)

And then…while this is only a faux tattoo, I’m mesmerized by this gorgeous image called “A Woman’s Back Is Beauty.” (Street Anatomy)

Speaking of beautiful backs, check out Amanda Seyfried’s. Baby’s got one. (IDLYTW) Oh and while you’re at it, check out Christina Hendrick’s sparkly front. Do yourself a favor and stop scrolling before you get to Fergie. (Celebitchy)

And here’s a woman with a spectacular back and front, Marilyn Monroe working a slinky pink dress in some hitherto unseen photos. (Daily Mail)

Enough eye candy? No? Well to pass the time in your windowless cube, here are a) 100 Incredible Views Out Of Airplane Windows b) Reuters’ Best Photos Of 2011 and c) to help you recover from the depressing 2011 stuff, some most-wonderful-time-of-the-year photos from around the world. (The Big Picture)

No, seriously, it’s the most wonderful time. When else can you get away with wearing Spock or Yoda Santa hats? (Neatorama)

In other hat news, check out this interesting piece on the evolution of standard issue riot gear. Things have gotten a little Hansel And Gretel: Witchhunters of late. (NYT)

Do you miss “Lost?” I miss “Lost” too, but clearly not as much as this person. The most intricately neurotic “Lost” diorama you will ever see. (io9)

Who out there in pop culture land do you think is invulnerably cool? Clooney? Pitt? AudioSuede has a list of musicians they feel fit the bill. I dunno about Paul McCartney, but I always appreciate an honorable Baby Goose mention. (AudioSuede)

This is not related to that Baby Goose thing, I swear, but have you seen this orthodontia device that is essentially a vibrator. As if headgear wasn’t embarrassing enough. (The Mary Sue)

And for all of us who will forever wear headgear on our souls, Amazon has a sweet deal on the “Lord Of The Rings” trilogy on Blu-Ray. You can buy one for me and still have enough money left over for a flagon from the Green Dragon. (Amazon)

Speaking of precioussss things, Socraz6 sent me this amazing piece on a muppet-themed proposal. It looks like this article and video are a wee bit old, but muppets are hella hot right now. HE MADE HER A MUPPET. Other dudes, take note. (Ceaser Photography)

Speaking of hot right now, two of the hottest “SNL” alums, Jimmy Fallon and Maya Rudolph, team up for a surreal but cute version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” Seriously, what’s in my drink.

Joanna Robinson will never run out of excuses to post the Hendricks rack. But she does miss “Mad Men.”

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