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Love Is a Many Splendored Thing, Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong, All You Need Is Love

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 14, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 14, 2011 |

All the X’s and O’s my lascivious Venuses and languid Adonii (Google says that’s incorrect, but doesn’t it have an awfully nice ring to it?). Happy Day of Love to all of you! February 14th is one of the Link Wench’s favorite holidays because A) I get to smear all of you in my love spackle (The links now open up in new tabs when you click! Enjoy!) 2) Dark chocolate is delicious, anyone who tells you differently is selling something (probably white chocolate). And iii) I look good in red. It’s my power color. So, my tender hearts and quivering arrows, I present to you a looove-themed P. Love.

If someone tries to bah humbug you out of enjoying this holiday, here is a charming defense for you lovers of l’amour. (Slate)

Are you looking for some smooth, slick melodies to play for your gent or lady tonight when things turn a bit more bedroomantical? Let the King of Sexytimes, Tom Jones, be your DJ. My favorite track on this Jones Love Playlist is a Barry White classic I first heard on “Aly McBeal” (I know, I know)…it invokes a dancing Peter MacNicol and that’s never not sexy. (NPR)

Gather ye chocolates while ye may! A distressing article on why chocolate may soon be prohibitively expensive. (The Globe and Mail)

Is your Valentine a “Doctor Who” fan? What? You’re not even a “Doctor Who” fan?!?! Oh, man, get on that. For the rest of you, here are some delightful Who-themed Valentines. (Girl Gone Geek)

Some writers over at Slate have amassed a fairly impressive list of their favorite love poems. Shakespeare only makes one appearance, as does cummings (stop snickering). This poem, by Denver Butson (seriously, are you twelve?) is my favorite: “months
have gone by without either of us stabbing the other/ let’s eat out.” (Slate)

In the realm of lovely, nerdy Valentine gestures, this one takes the heart-shaped cake. Unless light saber is a euphemism for something else…my childhood just got really weird. (9gag)

I’m honestly of the opinion that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about giving lavish gifts, flowers or even chocolate (though I do love chocolate as I believe I mentioned). I do, however, enjoy looking at the insanely creative ways some more crafty folk celebrate the day. If it’s the thought that counts, this round-up wins because both an insane amount of thought and multiple trips to the craft store were involved. The arrows are particularly fierce. (Design Sponge)

If however, your Valentine will pitch a fit without a gift, here are some bargains for the DVD-lovers (it’s not too late, tell him/her/it the gift is in the mail). For the meth head Valentine, here’s Season Two of Breaking Bad on the cheap. Meth is romantical, right? (DVD Empire)

If your Valentine is more like me (may Gourd have mercy on your soul), he or she would get warm heart things at the prospect of owning Inception on Blu-ray (it’s cheap, but they needn’t know). I’ve taken to pulling attractive people aside at parties and telling them I want to get to the snow fortress level of their mind. Works every time, my little dream invaders. (Amazon)

Here’s a final round-up of Valentines for the Zombie Lovers, the NPR obsessed, and me.

I want to extend a huge Pajiba Love congratulations to reader jamiepants who got engaged this weekend. Super congratulations, also, to her “feyonce,” the future Mr. jamiepants. Of all the possibly fake but maybe it’s real elaborate youtube proposals that are out there, and there are many, this one will always be my favorite. Probably. Until something better comes along. I have commitment issues.

Whomsoever made this montage can totally be my Valentine…especially if you’re as tall as advertised, BigAl6ft6.

Joanna Robinson choo-choo-chooses you to be her Valentine. Send your love, affection and all the dark chocolates to [email protected]

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