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Look! Puppies! And Ryan Reynolds! Puppies and Ryan Reynolds and Zero Sad Stories!!

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 17, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 17, 2011 |

Hello my lovelies, have we adequately healed from yesterday’s Sad Spackle onslaught? Does the that image of a Pajiban Golden Boy cradling a puppy get us there? How about a Pajiban Dream Girl too? Here, my little wounded sparrows.


Better? Good. You know what else Pajibans love? Heart-warming human interest stories about scrappy folk heroes like, you know, Robocop. Stay classy, Detroit. (Yahoo)

In actual heroes who actually deserve an actual statue news, some of the cast of “Band of Brothers” (get on board, Damien Lewis) will be parachute jumping to raise money for a monument to the late Maj. Dick Winters in Normandy. Number one on the list of jumpers? My friend’s Uncle Mike. GO, UNCLE MIKE! (Jumping For Heroes)

My new personal hero? Ken Jennings, the modern-day John Henry. (Imgur)

Sure, the computer may have won “Jeopardy!” but could a machine build THIS??! Well, probably. (Laughing Squid)

But could they build a bacon rocket? No, they couldn’t, ‘cause building a bacon rocket is stupid, pointless and dangerous. But you know what, my crispy strips of science? It’s also awesome. TEAM HUMAN! (Youtube)

Speaking of an overlord I wouldn’t kick out of bed, here is Felicia Day on Jimmy Fallon last night. That’s right, you can see the elf ears in action. She throws daggers too! (Tubefilter)

I think the thing keeping me from being batsh*t insane about Day’s new project is the fact the this Link Wench does not play video games. Of any sort. Then again, that didn’t stop me from going batsh*t insane for this trailer for “Dead Island” (a new zombie-based video game). There’s a lot of CGI violence, folks, but there’s also, like, hella pathos. And a “Lost” homage! (Geekologie)

Then again, I’m a sucker for island vacations gone horribly awry. I’ll give you one guess as to which of these “Done in 60 Seconds” films I liked the most. Did you guess the one with the dinosaurs? You clever girl. (Empire Online)

Have you ever wondered what to wear with your formal figure-skating outfit? The answer is, of course, Joshua Jackson (RIP). Pacey really pulls an outfit together. Warning, if you’re still smarting from yesterday, there is a photo (just a photo) of Liam Neeson on this page. But if you make it past him without tears, you shall be rewarded with Robert Downey Jr. in a sweater vest. Also, I really dislike January Jones. Have I mentioned? (Celebitchy)

I’ve been posting a lot of articles about the various protests and regime-topplings going on around the word. Hey, even Wisconsin has one! Here’s a handy wiki to keep track of what’s going, Arab-etically speaking. (Wikipedia)

Is it twisted that I find this Dexter-themed Valentine’s dinner oddly romantical? I’ve seen “Dexter!” A lot of work goes into laying down that plastic sheeting! Now, a Dexter-themed bath, on the other hand…there’s no way I’m getting in that tub. (Unreality)

I’ll tell you what, my nebulous oort clouds (almost a word cloud!), my first thought when seeing this cutesy artistic rendering of our solar system was “Neptune looks a little special needs,” my second was “man oh man, I miss Pluto” and my third was “what mnemonic device do the school children learn nowadays? My Very Excellent Mother Just Sent Us Nine… WHAT? NINE WHAT? IT’S A WHOLE GENERATION HINGING ON A SENTENCE FRAGMENT!” (Flickr)

Speaking of science and space, here’s another beautiful and meditative Carl Sagan video. Thanks to the wakeful for bringing it to my attention.

But we’ll close today with a little more Puppy Love. So, thanks to Lauren, here’s your first Link Wench approved Puppy video. She entrapped me with the adorable dalek robot. I was helpless to resist. Ex-Ter-Mi-Nate!

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

Joanna Robinson is singing “bacon and rockets, together at last, it’s really really tasty and it goes really fast!” Send your bacon rockets to [email protected] or follow her and her wayward puns on Twitter @quityourJRob

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