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Lohan Dyes Her Hair, Internet Forgets She's An Utter F*cking Waste Of Space And Talent

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 10, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 10, 2012 |

Praise the lord and pass the f*cking ammunition, Lindsay Lohan has put the fire back in her crotch. I don’t love kicking people when they’re down, but this woman has had so many second chances and I can’t tolerate the amount of attention she gets for the most inane deci-what’s that? I’m contributing to the problem? Well played, Lohan. Well played. (People)

My favorite fire crotch, Louis CK, gets all the adulations he deserves over on Warming Glow in this amazing “20 Commandments To Live By” piece. I’d go to all the CK Self-Help seminars. (Warming Glow)

They’re making a movie called Sherlock Gnomes. I’m not kidding. (Bleeding Cool)

These gorgeous photos of Praying Mantisisises (Mantii?) are incredible. Check out the sneaky crafty look on #11. (Environmental Graffiti)

Ah, my ever vigilant snarkerati, perhaps you’ve already seen this Definitive List Of Cliched Dialogue. But if you haven’t, scoot on over, have a look and report back on what they’re missing. (Blacklist)

You haven’t truly lived until you’ve seen Jon Snow as a doll. That hair was made for yarn. He and the rest of the Winterfell gang get the crochet treatment. (Geek Alerts)

Speaking of highly attractive casts that will soon be on your TV, there’s a great feature over on Paper Mag called “Before They Were ‘Mad Men.’” You want to see Christina Hendricks writhe around with pent-up teenaged lust to the musical stylings of the Sneaker Pimps? Of course you do. Oh, MTV’s “Undressed,” you are a treasure trove of fromage. (Paper Mag)

What kind of movie did Barack Obama pitch to Harvey Weinstein? This kind. (I Watch Stuff)

These amazing Star Wars character posters (where the images are comprised of smaller, associated objects) are fantastic and, don’t hate me for saying this you Prequel Purists, but the Amidala one is my favorite. (My Modern Met)

Do you want to see Chris Hemsworth dripping wet on the set of his new film? Of course you do. (/Film)

And once you’ve recovered from that, can you gather your wits and identify all of these Whedon heroes? Hint, if it has insane cheekbones, it’s from the Buffyverse. (Shirtoid)

My sometimes partner-in-podcasting-crime, Dave Chen, explores what’s wrong with the Kony phenomenon and slacktivism. I find the sour grapes expressed in The Atlantic and elsewhere a little tough to swallow, but am willing to admit that our money could be better spent actually combating global problems, rather than pursuing accessories. (Dave Chen)

And speaking of podcasting crimes, I recorded another episode of the Justifiedcast this week. If you’d like to know what it sounds like when I desperately try to not use the word b*tch, tune in. (/Film)

One of my favorite film b*tches (she’d be okay with it, I’m sure), Maleficent is getting the big screen treatment. Angelina Jolie is still on board as the green skinned babe and they’ve just cast their Aurora. (The Mary Sue)

For you design nerds and foodies, here’s an assortment of sumptuous tarts based on the Pantone color wheel. (Laughing Squid)

Two more Hunger Games trailers hit the web today. The Capitol looks amazing. (io9)

Finally, Joel McHale and ACADEMY AWARD WINNER Jim Rash did this cute TV spot for “Community.” Harmon & Co. are the kings of the self-deprecating humblegag.

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