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Liberal Jon Stewart Destroys Conservative Rand Paul on ... Fox News

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | July 17, 2019 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | July 17, 2019 |

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There’s good news and bad news: The bad news is there’s yet another streaming service coming, NBC/Universal. The good news is AP Bio will be on it with new episodes! - (AVC)

There’s some good news amid the original bad news. Several of the judges who made horribly tone-deaf, insensitive, and outright fucked up comments (and decisions) in rape cases over which they were presiding, have been required to attend mandatory training, additionally one has resigned and another has had removal proceedings initiated against them. It’s a start. - (NYT)

The woman featured in the infamous videotape at the center of R. Kelly’s 2008 child pornography charge is co-operating with federal investigators on new charges mounted against the singer. - (Variety)

This might be the best ever high school diploma acceptance I’ve ever seen - sashay, sashay! - (Dlisted)

It’s so great that Awkwafina is getting the attention she deserves, finally! - (GFY)

Yes, I know Matt Damon isn’t a favorite around here. HOWEVER, Best Chris is, so please to enjoy this video of them goofing around together. - (Lainey)

As Steven said, “The cocaine in Spain is mostly on the plains.” That’s good stuff. - (The Guardian)

Frankly, I’m surprised Dustin hasn’t written six articles about this already, but Gina Torres got her own spin-off of Suits called Pearson, which premieres tonight. - (Shadow and Act)


Those of you who like D&D and role-playing games might be interested in this Kickstarter for a documentary about how Dungeons and Dragons is played behind bars, how it’s been fought for in the courts to be allowed in prisons, and how prisoners have had to work around not being able to have dice, paper, and sometimes the guides (because it’s “devil worship”). - (Kickstarter)

Oh, my heart! This sweet kid makes bowties for shelter animals to help them get adopted! - (MF)

It’s not only Mike Pence who won’t be alone with a female colleague unless Mother or a “guardian” is also present. This is a thing now for some Mississippi Republicans candidates. Christ. - (TMS)

I’m sure Loser Liz will look back on this one day and find it hilarious - I would! - (Scary Mommy)

Simon Cowell lost a bunch of weight by cutting a bunch of foods out of his diet (that’ll happen - I could have told him that for free) and he looks very different. I’m not saying anything about his diet, his face, or how he looks, but I am saying that that shirt unbuttoned to his navel and the sweaty looking chest hair looks gross. Dude. - (Celebitchy)

Pixie gets freaked out when I wear a headband with cat ears on it while I’m wearing a clay or peel-off mask. I feel like she’d flip her shit if I wore one of these. - (Popsugar)

Pixie short clip_1_1.gif

Arthur Conan Doyle’s A Study in Scarlet has shown up in many Cannonball Reads. During Cannonball Read 9, vel veeter (currently at the top of CBR11’s Leaderboard) reviewed the audiobook narrated by Stephen Fry. "Stephen Fry is amazing in this audiobook. I love when he does Americans; it sounds so goofy." On August 16 & 17, #CannonBookClub will discuss the first outing of Holmes and Watson, and then in September they will meet again to talk about the adaptation of their choice. Have you listened to any other books narrated by Stephen Fry? (Cannonball Read 11)

Finally, here’s liberal Jon Stewart attacking conservative Rand Paul on conservative Fox News, the network he spent much of his career trashing, which is where we are in 2019.

An Illinois Government Official Was Let Go Possibly for Loving Tupac Shakur Too Much | An Ode to My Favourite Photo of the Year

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