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Lady Gaga's Little Monsters Better Keep Their Damn Claws Off Adele

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 26, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 26, 2011 |

Happy Tuesday, my darlings. Let’s dive right in, shall we? Oh, hey, speaking of diving, here is a nifty little photo essay on the faces divers make right after taking the plunge. In my expert opinion, it’s a combo of O-face and Oops I Crapped My Pants. (Go To Public School)

Dustin continues his streak of awesome over at Uproxx with this perfect list entitled “10 Living Oscar Winner Who’ve Since Made At Least 5 Straight Rotten Films.” It’s just a thing of bea-WHAT? WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, NO YOU DID NOT INSULT K-PAX. (Uproxx)

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KEVIN SPACEY! (There be sound in that thar link, worker bees.)

I’m pretty sure Feist recorded her new album, “Metals,” just for me. I mean, it comes out the day after my birthday (just like Beverly Hills Chihuahua did!), what further proof do you need? (Spin)

Speaking of lady singers I love, the charming and dementedly talented Adele was nominated for a whole slew of VMAs. That doesn’t surprise me, I watched the video for Rolling In The Deep approx 12 jillion times. Apparently her success ticked off Lady Gaga’s fans who have decided to ridicule Adele and her weight. It’s Esperanza Gate all over again. I dunno, I guess I’m surprised because I’ve always admired Gaga’s strong message of peace, love, understanding, and anti-bullying. I’m disappointed that some of her Little Monsters appear to not be listening. (Celebitchy)

Ah but, bullies come in all shape and sizes. Take, for example, this story of a black high schooler from Arkansas who was made to share her Valedictorian honors with a white student with a lower GPA in order to avoid ‘awkwardness.’ Sometimes I read these stories and I cannot believe they come from this decade. I call them Delorean Stories. Great F*cking Scott, indeed. I sincerely hope some folks in the administration (the bullies in question) lose their job over this. (Angry Black Lady)

Speaking of black students who graduated with honors (magna cum laude from Harvard, ahthankyouverymuch), our president gave a speech last night on the Debt Crisis. Here, (fuzzily) word clouded for your pleasure, are Obama’s speech (in blue) and Speaker Boehner’s response (in red). You can click on either to make them larger if you so choose.


I don’t know that there are any revelations to be found in this particular word cloud other than they reflect my general sense of the speeches which was Obama (as is his wont) spent the majority of his speech asking us, as Americans, to rally, be the best versions of ourselves and sacrifice a bit to turn the economic situation around whereas Boehner spent the majority of his speech blaming Obama for the current economic climate. Um, may I refer the Speaker to the following chart? (Deus Ex Malcontent)

Speaking of words and word choice, Grant Barrett, host of NPR’s “A Way With Words” (geeky guilty pleasure!), has crafted a response to last week’s controversial BBC article on Americanized English and how it’s ruining The Mother Tongue. You must read to the end for the snark-laden letter. (BBC)

Ah, Brits, you know I love you. I eat your pop tart culture for breakfast. For example, here’s a fantastic Weasley-themed T-shirt from Hobo Trashcan that I covet. Also, thank you to Lauren for pointing out the newest James Hance designs including this amazing Doctor Blue design.
 Doctor Who) by James Hance.jpeg

And speaking of the Good Doctor, here he is, in all his rude, not-gingery glory introducing an extended clip from his new film Fright Night. According to our good friends over at Film Drunk, “there’s plenty of David Tennant in tight leather pants for all you female Doctor Who fans. All two of you.” Ahem, oh, Film Drunk, I think you’ve not met my readership.

Joanna Robinson loves you all, but the next time one of you is a rude little not-gingery monkey she’ll tell you to “Midori yourself, douchebag.”

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